In many family, the kids use iPad most of the time. On this wonderful tablet, kids can playing games, reading books or surfing the Internet. However, contents on the Internet contains many descriptions or pictures which are not suitable for kids. Some adult contents may cause negative effect. Parents should take the responsibility to teach children distinguish […]


For those students who own an iPad, the Capture Notes 2 is absolutely a great idea for taking notes as this iPad app support voice recording as well as minutes management function. The voice recording function allows student to record what their teachers said on the class. They can then find answers from Capture Notes […]


If you’re a college student, you understand how hectic your schedule can be. Whether you’re enrolled in an online university, a community college, or a state school, juggling class schedules, assignments, and your other daily responsibilities such as work, can get a bit chaotic. Thankfully, you can now use your iPhone to help manage your […]


Since the Instagram has been purchased by Facebook, some people may worry about their privacy’s security. You may want to find an alternative to Instagram. I’d like to introduce 4 great  Instagram alternatives.  PicPlz PicPlz is very similar to Instagram. It have rich filters. Surely, social network functions are also included. The PicPlz interface on iOS is […]


We have seen many great camera app for iPad. When the new iPad get a more powerful camera, with 5 mega pixels resolution, we may need a brand new camera app to match its hardware performance. This means there will be many new iPad camera apps roll out in the future. I’d like to introduce […]


MOG MOG is one of the best iphone apps out there for playing music. One of the best features of MOG Radio is the ability to have continuous music even after your playlist has finished. There is a MOG Radio button that when enabled will continue to play music related to the playlist you had […]


People pretend they buy iPhones for a number of reasons. Some claim the iPhone 4S to be the best phone on the market; others say it’s an exceptional tool for work, but all us smart people know the real reason – they just want to play with the fun apps. It does, after all, come […]


People are paying more attention to online privacy since the establish of Social Network Websites. With the developing of the mobile network, users privacy becomes a more sensitive problem.  Soon after the news that Path uploads iPhone address book to its servers, the Wall Street Journal accused that Google track users browsing history. Recently, security company Veracode released a [&hel


Previously, we may need to search chords on the internet and then print then for learning Guitar.  But now, we get the Chord app for Android to help us learning Guitar Chords quickly and easily. This android app have two layouts: the horizontal and vertical layout. I think the horizontal version is easier for using. The free version has […]


4 months ago, the release of iPhone 4s attracted many eyes. One of the biggest reason is the new function: Siri.  This interesting app will answer your question with a real voice. Since it’s a intelligent answer, we are interested about how could Apple do this? The answer is the intelligent search engine behind Siri: Wolfram Alpha. […]