When people log into the app store with their new iPhone 4S, the amount of options can feel overwhelming. There are so many different types of apps available that it becomes very hard to determine which app is worth your time and which app is just full of hype. Here are the top 5 Iphone […]


TimeStation is a iOS app which can replace your time & attendance machine. It’s a new employee activity monitoring software. It uses a QR code as the employee’s “personal certificate”. When employees punchwork, they should place the printed QR code in front of iOS devices and they can complete a punch.  It can quickly identify the QR code to compl


DropBox is a easy cloud based storage of files. You can backup your files or share your files with this powerful tool. The 3.7designs agency even use Dropbox as a Project Management Tool. But I have wondering if the DropBox can do more? The new established software company Wappwolf launched a tool like IFTTT . The new tool is called Dropbox Automator. What is Dropbox […]


There are many privacy security apps on iOS platform. But Ben the Bodyguard should be one of the most powerful tools to protect your secrets on iPhone. This app uses a interesting story to make privacy protection more funny. How does it work? We’ll tell you the private details. How the Ben protects your privacy? Ben the […]


Even in this era of technology, documents can easily build up on people’s desktop. Printouts, reports, business cards, meeting notes the list is endless. I think most busy people might have certainly faced this situation. If you find yourself lost in the heap of documents that are in desperate need of sorting and storing, you […]


KRAKD ROM is a great Android ROM except for revolution HD, prime or revolver. Though KRAKD is a very new Android ROM, it is fast updated. The KRAKD support Tegra2 Graphics hardware acceleration. The system is optimized. There is a  “revolver parts” liked “Upd8r” parts. Users can install or remove apps in “Upd8r”. Now, let’s have a […]


Google released a new product Google Currents after purchased Flipboard. Some people think it will give small publications opportunity. But, after two days trial, ITGeeg don’t think Google Currents is a successful product which will makes big difference to the market. Default Interface Google Currents Flipboard Zaker Zite   Bad design. Just one news is shown on the first page. [&he


Amazon release Price Check app for iPhone and Android phones to help users find the cheapest price online by scan products’ bar code. It’s very easy to use. How to use Amazon Price Check App. Open “Price Check”. There are three buttons on the top. They are Scan it, Snap it and Say it. Click Scan […]

SD Card

The SD Card is developed by SanDisk, Toshiba and Panasonic. It is compact and slim but handles high volume content. There are many handheld devices uses SD Card for storage. We may delete data on SD Card after transferred them to our Mac or PC. Sometimes, we find it’s a mistake to delete all things on […]

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After 3 months of using Android, I have tied many Android Apps. Here I’d like to list my top 10 favorite Android apps. Go SMS Pro This app is used to replace the default SMS app. It let users add shortcut to Android desktop. It can even let you custom theme. I use it to make […]