IT Geeg introduced Instagram former. I also recommended you 10 best Instagram apps. Now I’d like to introduce 4 best Instagram Plugins for WordPress to WP bloggers. These 4 wordpress  plugin allows bloggers display Instagram pictures on wordpress blog. For this reason, WP bloggers can move their gallery to Instagram. Instapress WordPress plugin Instapress will display your Instagram


On Aug. 22, hurricane Irene swept through Puerto Rico and it makes its way towards the Bahamas, Haiti and possibly Florida and the Carolinas. Now is good time to learn how to tack hurricanes on your smartphone to prepare for a hurricane. There actually some hurricane center tracking apps to deliver up-to-date information about hurricane other […]


Application: Remote Desktop Client App Version: v2.8.0 OS Require: Android 1.5 and higher Free Download Address: YunFile Brief Introduction Remote Desktop Client (for Windows) is a powerful remote control app which sells $24.95 at Android Market. It added most Windows remote desktop connect functions. This app uses Windows build-in remote control port to control your Windows […]


Advanced Task Killer is professional task manage software. It is also known as ATK. You can use Advanced Task Killer to close any third party apps. As you know, there is no “close button”  in Android apps. Sometimes, when you return to the home page,  the app you are recently used didn’t shut down. They may […]


The 2011 film “The Smurf” in 3d makes many smurf fan excited. It also makes related games appeared in the hottest games ranks. Let’s go to see this iPad game “Smurf’s Village”. In the game Smurf’s Village, you need to construct your own farm. You need to open farmland, plant foods, gather in the crops […]


Some of you may have heard about Time Management software helped some people get things done (GTD). It’s the truth that a GTD idea may let you finish tasks efficiently. Here I recommend you 5 free Android time management apps to help you get things done. 1. Astrid for Android Official Website: http://weloveastrid.com/ Astrid is one […]


A new Android malware called Nickispy.C  is exploiting the rise of Google+ to attack Google Android phones. It fakes Google+. When Android users started this app, it will upload your text messages, GPS positioning, call logs. This malware is clever than earlier spyware like it. In order to protect itself, it will puts the phone on silent. […]


Now League of Evil offers free trial on limited time. You can get it on iTune for your iOS3.0. In this game, you are a Global Defence Force agent. Your only mission is to beat  an alliance called the League of Evil which is founded by evil scientist to developing weapons. You need to fight your […]


RIM Released Avatar Builder Guys Edition and Avatar Builder Girls Edition on AppWorld for user to edit avatar. The  Avatar Builder Girls Edition 1.0.2 added some avatar resources. Users are able to download from AppWorld for free. This app is used to design avatar and dress up. Download here. Supported Model: Pearl 9100 3G, Pearl 9105 3G, Curve […]


Not only the powerful functions make iPhone 4 a pulic lover, but also the rich games makes iPhone 4 tempting. Many iPhone 4 games will never makes its play disappointing even compared to a PC games. The advantage is that players can play their favorite games on an iPhone 4 anytime and anywhere. Most iPhone 4 […]