paper USB

Though many people have choose cloud storage as their first choice and send email has become more and more popular in transfer documents, USB Drive still plays important role in today’s business. Except for those environment when network is not available, in some business situation, you may need to send documents by USB drive because you don’t […]

Nano-SIM Cutter

The iPhone 5 just released. One bad news may be that they gave up the Micro-SIM card and turn to a new Nano-SIM. This  change is made to reduce the thickness for iPhone5. But it also causes problem as you can’t use your Micro-SIM on iPhone5. How to solve this problem? Can we make a Nano-SIM […]

Pocket iPhone And USB Charger

Most of us always on the move with our iPhone/iPad (sometimes Andriod phone) and have used several “pocket chargers” over the years. The drawback has always been that they come with multiple cables and are too big. The quick change universal dock adapter USB mini cable may help us out a little. Today, we will see a more aggressive […]


Many people have more than 1 mobile devices. The problem appears: not any devices uses the same USB connector. This means you may need to take more than 1 USB cable to make all your devices work. Is there any way we can make is easier? The AViiQ Quick Change Universal Dock Adapter USB Mini Cable will […]

food quality sensors

When the environment getting worse and food safety problems arise,  environmental monitoring devices becomes popular. However, most conventional  are big with rough black LED screen. Lapka is going to make the device more interesting. Their new Lapka series is such a product to change your mind. The Lapka has a beautiful appearance. It is harmonious when placed with iPhone. The [&hellip

Flat CD Mouse

The biggest advantage for a notebook should be that it let you use anywhere.  This feature makes it suitable for business usage. However, the accessaries such as mouse or charger also annoy many people. Now, designer Taewon Hwang revealed a concept mouse which can be inserted into CD ROM drive when you flat it.  He […]


After the Instaprint, the D2M team bring us another great product: the Instacube Digital Photo Frame for Instagram. This photo frame is only for Instagram. The manager from D2M design dept, John Whaley,  is a Instagram user. He was annoyed by the process of checking Instagram photos. He is not satisfied because viewing pictures should start Instagram app and the narrow […]

Doxie Go Mobile Sanner

Most scanner are not portable and not easy to use because they are big and computer needed.  Then you need to install driver and other software on your computer. For those who are not familiar with computers, this makes things difficult. The Doxie Go mobile paper scanner will change your opinion. This is a portable […]


The creative community Quirky worked with GE to build a project to encourage people sharing their idea about intelligentizing daily necessities.  People can vote to the products ideas which they thinks should be realizing. The most voted products will be turned into production. Finally, the idea from Stephanie Burns won this vote. She designed a smart Milk Jug. […]


Before the NFC become the standard configuration for mobile payment, it is more likely that mobile accessaries become the biggest user of NFC tech. This technology helps user simplify the serching and matching process which Wi-Fi or Bluetooth have. Nokia has revealed a series of NFC-Bluetooth headset or loudspeaker box. Moto also released their NFC bluetooth headset. Now […]