Nintendo Co. LTD, one of the earliest organizations to come up with a gaming device was founded in 1889. The organization is known for its path breaking innovation in handheld and video game consoles. The provider, whose earlier successful ventures include Nintendo Game Boy, Virtual Boy, GameCube, Wii and 3DS are ready to roll out […]


If you’ve found the cash to splash on a brand new PS3, but are finding affording all the extras that you’re expected to buy alongside it a bit of a stretch, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of excellent PS3 accessories that you can pick up for budget prices, from headphones to controllers. […]


We have see the Android Ouya game console. It make me want to get a iOS game console. Airplay can project games to a screen. But many games need a touch on screen. Now, we have see the GameDock which uses iCade to makes your iPhone a game station. If this project can get enough fund, you […]


While smart phones may offer their users a multitude of attractive features, they still have one big drawback: the battery life. Previously, it was common to recharge a standard cell phone once every two or three days. But with smart phones that constantly run several applications in the background and function more like small computers […]

Eco ATM Gadget Recycler

The future of the technology and electronic industry seems to be moving in a greener direction, as more and more engineers and designers are starting to incorporate energy efficient and eco-friendly gadgets into their line of products. This article mentions a few of the most innovative green gadgets that were introduced on the market this […]


The iPhone & iPad has entered many people’s daily life. It allows you handle your works or playing games anywhere. But this pricey device is so weak to survive from drop. With well designed protective  case, you shouldn’t need to worry about its safety. The M-Edge SuperShell is a very unique iPhone 4/4S/iPad case. It use closed-cell […]


Nyko is a famous gaming accessaries manufacture. They make gaming controller for Xox, Wii and PS Vita.  The Nvidia is a great GPU manufacture. Them seems has no business with each other. However, the Tegra 3 and tablet gaming connected these two companies. Nyko and Nvidia announced that they will develop a new production line for […]


A warm coffee will give me a good mood even it is not winter. The tasty coffee has become my favorite drink. However, the temperature of the coffee is critical to its taste. I’m often burned my tongue on hot coffee. Now, with the Coffee Joulies, you will get perfect coffee in minutes and  the coffee will stays […]


Cocoon Pillow is designed for kids. It will shield your kids from polluted air and noise. It’s should be a great idea for those who lives under a noisy environment. Cocoon uses new state-of-the-art noise-canceling technology to ensure your kids sleeping in quiet. This kids pillow also uses a soft material in a . It also have a […]


Since the iPad released, many people want to use it to replace their notebook. There are about problems  prevent most people do that: OS and hardware. People can force themselves to use the iOS. But the hardware is a big problem. For this reason, many accessaries’ company developed many gizmos to turns iPad more like a […]