Roku is a great choice for streaming media through your television. The tiny box distributed by Netflix can be used to watch Netflix’s instant streaming selections, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, and a number of other streaming media channels. Roku can also hook up to your Facebook profile and your Pandora stations. Here […]


Are you used to write down your notes on paper and then attach it to wall or refrigerator? It is absolutely a waste of paper. Why not try the new electronic product: Record me? Product designer Luc van Hoeckel come up with a good idea to replace the paper notes: the Record me which can be […]


There are bunch of iPhone accessories for its photograph function. The Gizmon iCA is one of interesting gizmo. The Gizmon iCA is a very cool iPhone accessory. You iPhone will looks like a Leica camera after used this case. Gizmon iCA Case have a shutter button and an optical viewfinder. The shutter button is linked to iPhone photographing button. […]


Engineers Gleb Polyakove and Igor Zamlinsky developed a new commercial-quality PID controlled espresso machine. This new project raised more than $369,000 on KickStarter, which exceeds 16 times money what their supposed to raise. How could this Espresso Machine so popular? There are basically two kinds of home espresso machines on the market today.  But both of them have some shortage.


Have you ever dropped your cell phone in liquid?  The key to preventing damage is to dry it completely and fast. Or otherwise, you may have to replace it. But how to save your wet cell phone fast? The WikiHow introduced 12 steps to save a wet cell phone.  These steps includes: removing battery, SIM card, accessories, […]


The KickStarter is a funding platform for great projects. There are many good ideas from artists, designers, or so on. I’d like to introdce 8 great iPhone / iPad accessory ideas from KickStarter. Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker This is a wireless speaker which uses bluetooth to get connected. It copied the idea of idler wheel on […]


Sanwa, a Japanese company, released a mini USB camera “Mini Toy Camera”, whose  volume is  just 72x36x15mm. It weight 22g. This mini camera can take 1280 x 1024 pixel picture or 720 x 480, 30fps AVI videos. As the mini toy camera is very small, there are no LCD screen to preview pictures. All photos or videos will be […]


This Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse package is a fantasy product with fresh design. The project is released on the  Kickstarter. The Keyboard & Mouse package is made of glass. This makes it work of art. How cool it will be if you place this great keyboard on your desk. There are many people left their comments on […]


Have you ever bothered with can’t playing complex games on your small iPhone? Now, we’ve found the perfect portable companion – the iControlPad. Using the iControlPad, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone with Bluetooth and turn it into a handheld game console. The iControlPad is compatible with any device that uses Bluetooth, including smartphones, computers, […


The MMI camera is a great remote camera which let you remote control with iPhone or iTouch. Just need to install a app on your Apple devices and you can use MMI to take pictures or record video remotely.  And it let you view the screen on Apple devices. The app also let users set […]