You may not like alarm but can not avoid. Everyday, you need set an alarm to remind yourself. However, it’s so annoying of the alarm when you are in the warm bed, especially during winter. Let us recommend you a interesting DIY wooden alarm clock which is called Puzzle. This clock is build with wooden shell. It’s very […]


Most iPhone users watch video or listen to music on iPhone. But the battery life of iPhone can not reach our expectation. So our Geeg find 4 external battery case to extend battery life under most conditions. Mophie Juice Pack Plus Mophie is a iPhone backup battery case manufacturer. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus is also […]


There are many cute iPhone 4 cases or covers. However, you may didn’t see a case or cover looks like a $100 money. So you can make your iPhone 4 a fake $100 money which can purchase nothing but your fun. This iPhone4 cover makes your iPhone 4 just like a dozen of $100 money. […]


Android? iPhone? Still don’t know which one? A Chinese company have just thrown a third option into the mix. It’s called the Goo Apple.  Gooapple is a 3G smart phone looks exactly like iPhone4 but runs Android 2.2. From the name “Goo Apple”, we have learn that this cell phone is a big Shanzhai goods ( […]


Magic Cube is a cool laser projection keyboard for iPhone & Android.  It can project a full-size virtual keyboard on nearly any flat surface. Like a scene in a science fiction film? It’s true. Let’s have a look at it. The Magic Cube is very light and portable. You can use just one hand to hold […]


Have you ever bothered with bad Wi-Fi signal? Let’s teach you how to DIY a beer can Wi-Fi signal amplifier to solve this problem. Let’s go! STEP1: Get a aluminum beer can and wash it. Don’t tell me you don’t know how to get a beer can. Maybe you can find it in community dumpster. […]


The trends of iPhone is to be thinner and lighter. However, there are also some exception. This post will show you a world’s biggest iPhone with a 40″ led screen. The owner of this big iPhone is Benjamin Bachmeier, a crazy German who want to make iPhone bigger. This new iPhone is also contained in […]


We are happy to find this Dexim wireless charger. It’s designed for iPhone4. The pretty appearance with practical function have make it popular worldwide. Now I’d like to point my review on this fancy wireless charger base. Advanced Features The world’s #1 iPhone4 wireless charger brand Charge 2 devices wireless at the same time Safe […]


Before Apple release iPhone5, there are Shanzhai companies can’t wait for it. Now, users are able to purchase this Shanzhai iPhone 5 with a unimaginable price of $50. The cheap price tells how cheap a iPhone can be. The Shanzhai iPhone 5 steal the Apple’s design. It also carry a Apple logo on its back. The […]


Apple’s iPhone is absolute geekers’ must. Its beautiful appearance and rich applications makes most people addicted to. But rich applications also make its power consumption extremely high. When you are outdoor, a wind charger for iPhone will be a good solution. Today, I found a wind charger for iPhone. This small wind charger is combined with helical runner and […]