During an annual state inspection, a vehicle’s lighting system is thoroughly inspected. Technicians ensure that the headlamps and brake lights function properly. Additionally, taillights and fog lights might also be checked during such an inspection. To pass the safety test, all of the light bulbs must generate illumination that is considered to be bright enough […]


There’s nothing we enjoy more than using our favourite gadgets and whether its work or play that drives you to your obsession, it’s evident that the latest smartphones with their highly developed features have one universal flaw… Diminishing power is a problem faced by many gadget lovers but with a few tips and tricks you […]

Android Tricks

Android has beat iOS, Windows Phone and RIM and becomes the mostly used mobile OS. One of the reason is that Android is very easy to use. But most of you don’t know these hidden commands in Android. Here I listed some useful commands for Android mobile. NOTE: BE SERIOUS AS SOME COMMAND WILL DESTROY […]

sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z with fresh design is really a good option. Sony always makes great product quality. However, this time Sony made its customers disappointed. Some people are reporting problems with their LED notification on the Sony Xperia Z. When users are charging their phones, the LED light will always light up. This makes users […]


The computer-like features of a Smartphone such as its ability to send or receive emails and to create or edit documents make it a coveted pick in the cellular phone market. Because of the availability of a lot of brands running on different operating systems, however, knowing the efficiency of a smartphone has been an […]


Google Maps is available on iOS 6 finally. Yet, there is one problem, iOS6 don’t allow user to set Google Maps as the default map. Each time you open a map connection, the iOS6 will open the Apple Maps. This is not so cool because you still need to use the bad Apple Maps in […]


Google and LG disappointed many when they announced the Nexus 4 without LTE support.  Anyway, with great hardware specifications but cheap price, this new device  was sold out minutes after going on sale. But,from the iFixit report, we know the LG/Google Nexus 4 actually support 4G LTE network as it uses a Qualcomm WTR1605L Seven-Band 4G LTE chip. Nexus 4 that […]

Enter DFU Mode in iOS 6

Sometimes, iPhone home button may get malfunction and we need to update the system. How to solve this problem? This tutorial will show you the solution to enter DFU mode with Redsnow on Mac or Windows PC. 1. Download the latest Redsnow tool and save it to “Redsnow” folder on your computer. 2. Download the latest […]

google maps hack

Since Apple released their mess iOS 6 map, many people find they want to get back to Google Maps. However, even Google announced they are going to release iOS6 app, I don’t thinks we can get the official Google Maps app on iOS 6 quickly. The good news is that Google Maps seems to have found its […]


Last Nexus 7 review I said Google Nexus7 not support external storage. The internal storage for Google Nexus 7 is too small for those people who want to listen musics or watch films on tablet. Now we get a trick to let Google Nexus 7 support external storage or other USB devices. We need to ROOT the Nexus 7 […]