broken iPad

When your iPad front panel breaks after the warranty has expired, what to do? Then you need to read this tutorial to learn how to fix it by yourself. ( Apply to iPad 2 or the new iPad. ) Preparation 1. Learn general precautions for fixing smartphone or tablet. These knowledge will help you make a […]

Android phone

Mobile monitoring software applications have become popular. They give users the ability to look into a person’s life by scrutinizing their mobile activities closely and minutely. Some people are reluctant to turn to mobile monitoring apps though, simply because they think the installation is a complex and incomprehensible process. The fact however is that professionally […]

avi to dvd

AVI files are the most popular type of video files available as they are easily played on any computer. AVI format is limited in features compared to other formats such as MKV and OGM, but is still preferred by most persons due to the cross-platform compatibility and ease of playback. In many cases movies being […]


Nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, we have gadgets with multiple applications – meaning that a mobile phone is no longer just a phone, but also a games console, music player and camera, amongst a host of other things. Indeed the availability of digital cameras in mobile phones has made these models amongst the most […]

Google play

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet don’t allow users to use Google Play by default. However, we can do it by ourselves. This tutorial will tell you how to install Google Play on ThinkPad Tablet. Get Root Authority Fistly, you need to get the ROOT authority before you can install anything. You can follow this ThinkPad Tablet rooting […]

ThinkPad Tablet

Default OS for ThinkPad Tablet is Android 3.1. Like the Blackberry Playbook, users are not allowed to use Google Play.  So we need to get root access for ThinkPad Tablet to get freedom to install Google Play or other great Android apps. Now let’s rooting Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet step by step: ( Some one click […]


The iOS 6 brings the new Apple 3D maps. But they don’t want to share this great function to iPhone4. However, we have got 3D maps hacked to install on iPone4. Now, let’s port New iOS 6 3D Maps to iPhone 4. Firstly, you should update to iOS6. The Dev Team released iOS jailbreak developer version. […]


Under some certain conditions, you may need to reset your Android phones. By restore the phone to factory mode, all your data, customized settings and any applications you’ve downloaded and installed will be deleted.  So this is also a quick way to drop all your files from you Android phone. NOTE: Make sure you have back […]


Saving money is important for people the world over right now, with everybody trying to save up money in what is a difficult economic period for individuals and businesses. For that reason, any way of getting your hands on a luxury item can be a great boost to the self esteem, and if you can […]


There were many Cydia competitors in the past. But none of them can outperform Cydia. However, the Lima is something different to those app store alternatives. Lima is a new browser based third-party app store as Cydia. Lima Installer is now revealed in pre-release beta. It is good alternative to Cydia as the beta version provides a good […]