Ultrabooks are the new breed of laptops which basically provide consumers with: 1. A low-voltage Intel Core processor, 2. A frame no thicker than 0.83 inch, 3. At least five hours of battery life, 4. And fast boot times. Currently, all manufacturers are vying to produce this line of product which is remarkably similar to Apple’s […]


Buying a gaming PC can be a good choice. But sometimes, portability is a necessary factor. That time, it’s very difficult to carry bulky PC wherever you go. How about getting a gaming laptop? In today’s world, many gaming laptops have been designed for gamers. We are here with some of the best gaming laptops […]


With the release of ASUS Transformer Prime, the fastest quad-core ARM processor NVDIA Tegra 3 finally available to consumers. How will it change the mobile devices market? Let’s have a look. 4+1 core Architecture NVIDIA once published a thesis showed their intent to add the fifth “companion” core  to achieve the goal of high performance but […]


Some people may think there are no difference between tablet PC and notebook. But actually, Apple iPad have created a new tablet market. There are no similar products before iPad. Microsoft also developed “Tablet PC”. But they are heavy because Microsoft is going to make it like a PC. Apple changed their mind to just make […]


No matter how power saving an laptop is, a laptop cell can not maintain  a long time. And the Lion cell will cause big pollution for the environment. So solar power laptop comes into designers mind. Now IT Geeg introduce 2 solar power notebook for you. Samsung Solar Cell Equipped Laptop NC2155 Samsung NC2155 is […]


On I/O developer annual meeting, Google’s vice-president of Chrome department, Sundar Pichai, announced that google will put two chrome OS notebook on sale at 15,June. This new notebook is called ‘Chromebook’. Samsung and Accer produce these two notebooks. Both of them will use Intel Atom dual core CPU. Power supply can support 8.5 hours and […]