Nexus 7

Goolge’s new tables Nexus 7 has great hardware specification & low price. With powerful Nvidia Tegra quad core CPU & 7″ 1280 x 800 IPS display, Nexus 7 surprised most people for only $199. However, any products has is shortcomings. We have see some problems of the new Google Nexus 7 tablet.   Nexus 7 has […]

Amazon Kindle Fire

As more of us become tempted into the tablet market, so the proliferation of device choice grows with the popularity. So if you’re new to the territory, where should you start? In terms of overall appeal, it’s hard to see past the Apple iPad2. Apple has been fine tuning its online store for years and […]


Online gamings are something that more and more people in countries like the UK, America and Australia would name as one of their major leisure interests. Similarly the iPad device manufactured by Apple has grown to become one of the best-known and most popular mobile devices available and, given that this device allows its users […]


Acer unveiled many smart devices on 2012 MWC. Tge Iconia Tab A510 attracted our eyes. Let’s have a look at the 10.1 inch Tegra3 tablet. The Iconia serious is unveiled on 2011 MWC. On the 2012 MWC, Acer continued to develop this serious. The Iconia Tab A510 uses the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor which have […]


Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 2 on 2012 MWC. This product includes 7.0 inch and 10.1 inch versions. Let make a hardware comparison between Galaxy Tab 2 7.0′ version and 10.1 in version. Hardware specification shared by Galaxy Tab 7.0 and 10.1: 1 Ghz dual core CPU 1GB RAM PLS TFT screen, other than AMOLED […]


There are many SmartPhones or Tablet. But few of them are designed for female. For these reason, many female users will buy additional cute accessories for their electronics device. But one CES 2012, we have seen some differences. There are Hello Kitty, Disney, or Nickelodeon showing their wide array of products. Hello Kitty released a 7″ Android […]


In the tablet market, 10.1 inch display has become the trend. Most manufactures choose this size for their tablet as this a  suitable size for playing games or watching films on a tablet. I’ll recommend 6 great tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 With  the thinnest 8.6mm thickness and 565g weight and powerful hardware configuration makes this tablet […]


The Kindle Fire received many complaints from its early users. In order to solve these problems, Amazon have issued two software updates in less than a month. A few of their many complaints: there is no external volume control. Can not connect to Wi-Fi. The off switch is easy to hit by accident. Web pages […]


Amazon Kindle Fire win a great success in the early days after released. According to a iSuppli data, they predict “Amazon will ship 3.9 million Kindle Fire tablets during the last three months of 2011”. However, Kindle Fire don’t satisfy all its consumers. The Kindle Fire user reviews on Amazon suggested these problem. Kindle Fire […]


There are many tablets advertise they are the iPad killer. But there is just one worthy this prime. Because of the cheap as shirt price of $199 and good brand reliability, Amazon Kindle Fire pre-orders have exceed 500,000 in the first month. Amazon Kindle Fire have actually became the biggest competitor to iPad2 though Kindle […]