3 Pros and 3 Cons of Using Roku

Roku is a great choice for streaming media through your television. The tiny box distributed by Netflix can be used to watch Netflix’s instant streaming selections, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, and a number of other streaming media channels. Roku can also hook up to your Facebook profile and your Pandora stations.

Here are some great reasons to pick up a Roku

1. It’s only $50.

For the money, you really can’t find a better option for streaming media. Earlier models of the Roku cost up to $100. The latest installments have all the same features and work even better than the originals for a fraction of the cost.

2. There are so many things to watch!

If you have a Netflix account, a Hulu Plus subscription, or an Amazon Instant Video account, you’ll never be disappointed with the plethora of viewing options. Netflix’s streaming library is constantly being updated and currently boasts over 10,000 titles. If you’re feeling particularly lazy, nothing is better than sitting through a full season of your favorite show without having to wait for the next disc to arrive.

3. Find what you want with search and recommendations.

If you haven’t updated your Netflix queue in a while, don’t worry. You can search for titles or browse Roku’s endless lists of suggestions customized to your tastes to discover top rated movies, television shows, streaming workout videos, anime — whatever you want.

Of course, the Roku does have a few drawbacks

1. If you already have a gaming system, you really don’t need it.

Most major gaming systems can be used to watch Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus. You will get a few additional features with the Roku that you probably won’t get through your gaming system, but none of them are worth fifty bucks.

2. If you don’t have a strong Wi-Fi connection, the Roku is useless.

Roku doesn’t have an Ethernet port. Instead it relies completely on a strong Wi-Fi signal, so if your internet isn’t the fastest, you’re going to be very disappointed with the image quality and download speed of the Roku.

3. It’s not a good choice for streaming your own media.

Yes, you can hook up to Facebook and YouTube through the Roku, but you can’t upload anything directly onto the Roku, so don’t expect to be using it to show off the pictures from your last vacation.

All in all, the Roku is great for what it does. It’s a simple, small, easy to use device that works wonderfully with a solid Wi-Fi connection and will provide endless hours of affordable entertainment. Despite the minor drawbacks, I would definitely recommend Roku to anyone looking for a streaming media solution.

Author Bio: Greg Buckskin is a tech enthusiast and writer for CableTV.com, your home for XFINITY deals

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