How to recover deleted files on android phone

Android don’t offer a recycle bin to let you store deleted files temporary as Windows do. So it will be difficult for you to recover deleted files on Android cell phones. However, ITGeeg is here to teach you a solution to recover deleted files on Android ( Android 2.1 or above with Root Access only).

The Undelete is a free Android App for recovering deleted files.  Let’s recovering Android files.

Click “Select Storage” to define the deleted file location.

Then Click “Scan Storage”. The Undelete will start scanning your SD card or RAM to find files what can be recovered.

Select the file you need to recover and then click “Restore”.

Though the Undelete can not recover all deleted files, it should be a food idea to restore deleted files.

Free download from Android market:

  • pyansean

    You have great possibility to recover deleted files from Android. Those files are still in the memory of your phone just not visible, and pics data are waiting to be written over by new data. So from now on don’t use your cellphone to take more files.

    Then the best way to retrieve your deleted files is to use some file recovery programs. Recommended one is Android File Recovery.

  • Jideely

    You must make sure what file you want to recover, because not all the files are stored in SD card, text message and contacts are stored in memory (ROM), and music, photos, movies and other files are stored in SD card, to recover common files from SD card, you can easily do that by using some free program, but do recover text message and contacts, you need to restore them from ROM. learn this article:

    Hope my answer helps.