How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1

Since some mobile carriers provide cheap with contract cell phones, they should take actions to ensure their users use their services. There are some of mobile carrier in Nort America will lock digital devices to their services. This will keep users from changing SIM card and ensure carriers’ profit.

There is also an app lock on Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1. This post will tell you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

1. Download & Install z4root.

2. Get root access with z4root. (Unlock Galaxy Tab need a permission to write in Root folder.)

3. Download & Install Root Explorer.

4. Back up all files under Galaxy Tab /EFS folder by Root Explorer(R.E. File Manager). www.itgeeg

5. Create a copy of /EFS/nv_data.bin file and edit with an HEX editor software. (IT Geeg recommend WINHEX).

6. Change the value of address “181469” to “00”.

7.¬†Change the value of address “18150e” to “00”. (Skip this step if it was “00” there.) Save edited file. (Do not overwrite the backup file.)

8. Delete NV_DATA.BIN and NV_DATA.BIN.MD5 in Galaxy Tab /EFS folder.

9. Use R.E. File Manager to copy edited nv_data.bin to /EFS folder.

10. Restart your Galaxy Tablet.

NOOT: You may need to edit APN in order to avoid the situation of getting no network signal. Please backup important data before jailbreak.

  • Nerd

    That’s NOT the Sim Unlock Guide for Tab 10.1.
    That’s for normal Galaxy Tab

  • Anje_pika

    how about samsung Tab 7 + is the same whether

    thanks in advance

  • I’m sorry for can’t help you more as we don’t have that experience.

  • Carlos J Morales

    hi, this is for the galaxy tab 10.1 or the galaxy tab 7? because you placed a tab 7 picture….