Fake iPhone4: soPhone Review

Apple’s iPhone is always a popular product from both consumers’ side and companies side. We have see so much Shanzhai (imitation iPhone4 in the market). The soPhone is one of these fake products. It look just like a iPhone4 but save you about $300. The hardware can not be compared with iPhone4. IT Geeg is going to show appearance and UI of soPhone. www.itgeeg.com



The soPhone’s size is the same with iPhone4 115.2×58.6×9.3mm. And it uses tempering glass as front & back shell.




The frame uses stainless steel. It’s similar with iPhone4 both on color and chamfer.


iPhone4 is on the left.


There are no much differences between soPhone and iPhone4. We can’t distinguish differences between them.


iPhone4 is the upper one.

Connection port

The same statement with button. We can feel the difference.


soPhone is the upper one.

Card slot

Card slot of iPhone is strict. Small deviation on card will cause problem. The card slot of soPhone is also fine and can even change to iPhone.


Camera and flashlight

Punching on glass is expensive. So most fake iPhone don’t punching but just leave a blank circle on the glass to place camera. But you can find different color of the camera because of different coating film on the camera.


iPhone4 is the left one.


The soPhone is lighter than iPhone4. But users can’t easily feel the difference between soPhone and iPhone4.

The biggest difference

For those who are familiar with iPhone, they can feel the difference on screen when turn the phone off. The soPhone is lighter than iPhone4.


soPhone4 is the left one.

UI and Apps

1. Screen Lock

The soPhone’s UI design is very like iPhone’s.

IMG_0659iPhone's app lock

soPhone4 is the left one.

2. Main interface

There is no much difference between soPhone and iPhone. The icon and their shadow is very like. However, you’ll find icons in soPhone are vague.

IMG_0654iPhone4 Main interface

soPhone4 is the left one.

3. App Store

The soPhone used the same icon for its market. But it will actually lead you to Android Market.

IMG_0661App Store

Over all, soPhone is the most similar smart phone in the fake iPhone4 market.

  • Denielle

    Do not buy this phone, i bought the Sophone V3 and it had nowhere to add an APN, which is where you add your provider (eg vodaphone or telstra etc.) so it made it impossible to connect to the internet via my simcard, and yet they advertise it as being able to connect to 3G network, it cannot. When i phoned the seller regarding this they said “it is GSM only”.
    i had to send it back and found out that the only carrier that would send it back, would cost $164 because none of the other carriers or our post office, would touch it as it is illlegal to export lithium batteries out of the country. and the batteries in this phone is built in.
    So do your research before you purchase a phone from china and make sure it does what it says.

  • zp1214

    @Denielle Thanks for your opinion. The SoPhone is a fake iPhone from China. So maybe there are some limit to use it in another country.

  • Denielle

    it is advertised to work all over the world with 3G WCDM and 3G HSPDA network. APN-where you add your provider, had no “ADD” button, so softwere was incomplete, you need to do this to log onto internet, so i could only use as basic phone and could not connect to the internet. for $270 – a big rip off.

  • zp1214

    @Denielle I feel so sorry for that. Have you ever tried to re-install a new Android OS on your soPhone??

  • Denielle

    i contacted the seller, and they wouldnt help me, or give me any advise. I am not tech smart and have had no experience with android, i expected a phone to be complete when i buy it. It is ok in the end paypal helped out and I got my money back.
    I just dont want anyone else to have bad experience that i had.
    The chinese seller i bought it from, has closed their whole website down just after i got my money back.