Comparison: Galaxy S2 i9100 and iPhone 4

This is a guest review from a iPhone user who follow iPhone2G to iPhone 4. He also purchased many iPhone Apps. He tried Samsung Galaxy S2 because of too many praise about i9100. However, he don’t recommend users to purchase the GS 2. We have see some AMOLED Plus disadvantages. No we are going to compare more details about these two popular cell phones.


What are the advantages of Galaxy S2

We use “ifanboy” to laugh at those Apple fans as they are always maintain apple’s fame. Though I’m one of “ifanboy”, I should say Android have many advantages. However, I didn’t found a Android cell phone meet my requirement. The Samsung Galaxy SII with 8.0 mega revolution, big AMOLED Plus screen and powerful processor makes me really excited.


The basic manner about  Android and iOS

There are a lot of reviews about iOS vs Android. I prefer Android OS as the Widget can let me know most status conveniently. The customizable desktop makes the Android phone very practicable for me. There are also some functions which are more powerful than iOS.


GS2 ROM is mature

Many Android Rom are just bad. But HTC Scenes and Friend Stream are exceptions. They are also optimized. There are a screen perspective problem on Sensation, so I choose iPhone 4. But I believe the Galaxy S2 should have a better behavior than Galaxy S. And the fact confirmed my guess. The GS2’s ROM is very powerful and have no much bugs. The only problem is that I need to worry about the compatibility problem of some small apps in Android Market.



GS2 is lighter than iPhone 4. But you can feel the plastic shell when you put it on your hands. This make me worry about its safety.


Galaxy S2 8.0 mega camera

Though there are many cell phone have a higher revolution camera, the can’t take a better picture when compared to iPhone. But the Samsung do much better on this aspect. It can take more beautiful pictures.

Focus slower, can not take photo at short range

However, the camera on GS2 is slower than iPhone4. It take longer time to focus. And the GS 2 do not support taking photo at short range.

System fast but page turning slower

You will find GS2 is faster than iPhone4. But when you scroll the web page, there will be a delay on GS2. Though the iPhone4 also have this problem, it used a smarter solution to solve it.

Its great to support Flash

I’m wondering why Apple resist Flash. There are many web Menu or News are displayed in Flash. You can’t see them by iPhone. But the Android support Flash function.

Weak WiFi signal

I uses N Router but GS2 can just find 2/5 signal. I don’t know if this should be a quality issue.

Powerful battery

Though we can change Android battery, I don’t want to change it. Android run many apps in the background. But GS 2 can last long time when compared to other Android phones. And it will kill some apps automatically when RAM storage is out of peak volume.

Bad audio quality

The Apple headset is supported on GS2 but can not support volume setting and other functions. The music quality on Galaxy S2 is too bad. Though I think iPhone 4 is not so good on this section, the GS 2 performs worse. I don’t willing to use GS 2 to listen to music.


The Samsung Galaxy S 2 can not beat iPhone4 on hardware makes me surprised as the iPhone4 have unveiled more than 1 year. The most disappointed  thing is the bad AMOLED PLUS screen performance. And the battery management on Android is not so good as it is on iOS. So I don’t recommend you to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S II.

  • Mark

    Seriously, you don’t like the screen on the S2? Every review I have read raves about the screen. I have seen the screen on the original GS and it is excellent.

    Every other review I have read, the GS2 smashes the iPhone 4 and also beats the 4s.

    You worry about the GS2 because of the plastic. Well, rest assured it is more resilient to drops than the iPhone. Checkout this drop test comparing the iPhone 4s and the GS2.
    The GS2 wins easily!

  • This review is a original opinion from one of our reader. Maybe there is a quality issue about the screen.
    You know, a drop test can not proof anything. How will the scratch?

  • Mark

    What seems strange to me is that there are so many reviews (industry experts and personal reviews) that have all said the screen is amazing with a minor colour saturation issue which can easily be fixed by the ‘screen adjuster’ app. He doesn’t really say what he doesn’t like about it – bad performance is a very general statement with nothing to back it up.

    He also contradicts himself a bit:
    “Powerful battery

    Though we can change Android battery, I don’t want to change it. Android run many apps in the background. But GS 2 can last long time. And it will kill some apps automatically when RAM storage is out of peak volume”


    … And the battery management on Android is not so good as it is on iOS”

    If he is happy with the battery on the GS2, why in the conclusion list it as one of only two reasons not to buy the phone?

    My comment regarding the drop test was directed at his comment regarding his statement “This make me worry about its safety.” A scratch on the back of the phone is irrelevant and the drop tests show that the screen doesn’t even scratch when dropped.

  • For the screen issue, you can refer to This review is cut out from his opinion. There are also pictures proof his opinion.

    The GS2 battery can last long when compared to other Android phones. So there are no conflict with the two paragraph.

    I also agree with the idea that the plastic shell will be easily scratched as its rigidity is low. Just a drops may not proof anything.

  • Mark

    I have previously read your points on the AMOLED Plus disadvantages. There is also a post on the androidforums web site ( Post #13 in that thread details the effects of the app I mentioned in my previous comment – the screen adjuster. IMO, points 1 & 4 in your review are the main issues with the screen and these are easily fixed with this app. Point #3 is not an issue as who seriously says “Look at this awesome picture, it just plain grey but doesn’t it look great?”. The lines aren’t there when looking at photo’s, movies, playing games, sending messages etc.

    As for the resolution, I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you as I think the screen looks amazing – I am aware of the resolution compared to the iPhone and I have seen a GS screen and despite the low resolution, it still produces amazing images. That of course is a matter of opinion and we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one – almost all industry expert reviewers agree with me BTW.

    That just leaves the auto brightness – very minor issue when it’s the only issue.

  • Mark

    Sorry, missed a few points.

    Um, “battery management on Android is not so good” is one of only two reason he gives for not recommending the phone, yet he also says he is happy with the battery performance – definitely a contradiction. If he is happy with the battery performance, he should not list Android’s poor battery management (relative to the iOS) as a reason for not getting this phone.

    The face of the phone, you know, the bit you look at is made of gorilla glass and is very difficult to scratch and doesn’t shatter on the GS2 like it does on the iPhone. I couldn’t care less if I get a scratch in the plastic on the back of the phone. It’ll be durable enough to last as long as the phone itself and a few scratches wont affect anything.