Sep 6, 2011, RIM released its first TD-SCDMA smartphone BlackBerry Bold 9788 in China. This is seem as a milestone between RIM and China Mobile. Since TD-SCDMA is a sole network standard developed by China Mobile, RIM’s action suggested their promise to expand the Chinese market. Appearance The new TD-SCDMA BlackBerry Bold 9788 is very […]


ITGeeg is going to teach you how to make a basic dynamic Blackberry Theme to make your blackberry cool. Make sure you have installed these software before taking action: BlackBerry Themes Studio 5.0 BlackBerry Simulators Picture Editor software  ( Photoshop, Gimp, dll ) BlackBerry Theme Studio 5.0 Introduction BlackBerry Theme Studio is the key application […]


I once introduced how to use BlackBerry Theme Studio create themes. Today, I ‘d like to share my experience on create a dynamic calender effect. As you have know, there are Composer and Theme Builder two tools. Composer is used to edit SVG template. SVG file can be edited by notepad in the later period. […]


This is a Earth style blackberry theme compatible for OS5 and OS6. The theme color is very pure and fresh. Icons used OS7’s style. The only shortage is that users may can’t use search function on Blackberry OS6.  There is a simple dynamic effect if users selected a icon. The default page, OS7 icons seems perfect […]


Since the first rumor, we have expected BlackBerry Bold Touch  9900 for 2 years. This new generation BlackBerry smartphone gains much attention on. Now I’m proudly to introduce BlackBerry 9900 review for you to learn detailed specifications about BlackBerry 9900.(This BlackBerry 9900 review is based on a protype phone.) NFC Function RIM used many fancy […]


According to test result of  HTML5 test, the BlackBerry PlayBook performs the best. Based on its powerful hardware and browser rendering technology, PlayBook get the highest score among the released tablet PCs. The figure below shows the result from HTML5Test website. Mobile Phone HTML5 test results shows MeeGo1.2 rank #1. While BlackBerry OS rank after it. […]


RIM Released Avatar Builder Guys Edition and Avatar Builder Girls Edition on AppWorld for user to edit avatar. The  Avatar Builder Girls Edition 1.0.2 added some avatar resources. Users are able to download from AppWorld for free. This app is used to design avatar and dress up. Download here. Supported Model: Pearl 9100 3G, Pearl 9105 3G, Curve […]


No one knows clearly what will be the next generation smartphone of Research in Motion. But the Blackberry Facebook page shows that on June 27 they will release a new Blackberry 7 OS smartphone. The only detail about this new phone published is that this phone will use their own Operation System Blackberry 7. The […]


Poynt is a free PlayBook & Blackberry Smart Phone application and available in Canada, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. It’s a location-based application, likes yellow page, which help you find businesses, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, gas prices (US only), events and weather information around you. Poynt uses GPS […


I bought a HTC cell phone with Android OS on it days ago. It’s not so easy to export address book from my old Blackberry 8830 and then import to the new Android cell phone. Actually, there are no direct solution. However, you can use outlook express and Gmail as a bridge to help you […]