Nintendo Co. LTD, one of the earliest organizations to come up with a gaming device was founded in 1889. The organization is known for its path breaking innovation in handheld and video game consoles. The provider, whose earlier successful ventures include Nintendo Game Boy, Virtual Boy, GameCube, Wii and 3DS are ready to roll out […]


Online gamings are something that more and more people in countries like the UK, America and Australia would name as one of their major leisure interests. Similarly the iPad device manufactured by Apple has grown to become one of the best-known and most popular mobile devices available and, given that this device allows its users […]


Nyko is a famous gaming accessaries manufacture. They make gaming controller for Xox, Wii and PS Vita.  The Nvidia is a great GPU manufacture. Them seems has no business with each other. However, the Tegra 3 and tablet gaming connected these two companies. Nyko and Nvidia announced that they will develop a new production line for […]


Buying a gaming PC can be a good choice. But sometimes, portability is a necessary factor. That time, it’s very difficult to carry bulky PC wherever you go. How about getting a gaming laptop? In today’s world, many gaming laptops have been designed for gamers. We are here with some of the best gaming laptops […]


People pretend they buy iPhones for a number of reasons. Some claim the iPhone 4S to be the best phone on the market; others say it’s an exceptional tool for work, but all us smart people know the real reason – they just want to play with the fun apps. It does, after all, come […]


There are thousands of game apps on iPad. But some of them just don’t worthy waste time. IT Geeg selected 4 small games on iPad which are good for relaxation for your decision. Doodle Jump Doodle Jump is a colorful skilled game. Players should keep away from broken or moving  platforms, UFO or bad guys when jumping.  The score […]


The 2011 film “The Smurf” in 3d makes many smurf fan excited. It also makes related games appeared in the hottest games ranks. Let’s go to see this iPad game “Smurf’s Village”. In the game Smurf’s Village, you need to construct your own farm. You need to open farmland, plant foods, gather in the crops […]


Now League of Evil offers free trial on limited time. You can get it on iTune for your iOS3.0. In this game, you are a Global Defence Force agent. Your only mission is to beat  an alliance called the League of Evil which is founded by evil scientist to developing weapons. You need to fight your […]


Not only the powerful functions make iPhone 4 a pulic lover, but also the rich games makes iPhone 4 tempting. Many iPhone 4 games will never makes its play disappointing even compared to a PC games. The advantage is that players can play their favorite games on an iPhone 4 anytime and anywhere. Most iPhone 4 […]


Three days after CrowdStar launched, the iPhone role-playing game “Top Girl” passed Angry Birds, becoming the top-grossing game in the Apple App Store quickly. It’s quite a surprise. What is Top Girl? Top Girl is a Burlingame ( role-playing game ) running on iPhone. It’s the first CrowdStar’s game for mobile devices. CrowdStar is the […]