Motorola X Phone

There are many news showing Google and Motorola will release the X Phone together in this year. The X-Phone is expected to unveiled on the Google I/O developer conference held May 15-17. You have learned some features about it, such as Android 5.0 system, wireless charging.   Recently, an American media has exposed more specs about X […]


Motorola Milestone 3 ( XT883 ) run on Android 2.3.3. Its TI OMAP4430 dual core CPU with 512MB RAM will makes you want to update to an new Android version. This manual will tell you how to flash Motorola Milestone 3 with RSD. 1. Download RSD Lite 5.6 and install it. 2. Connect  Droid 3 to PC and make sure […]


Mobile phone technology has emerged as one of the most widely used equipment across the globe. In fact mobile phones are no more used for receiving or making calls only. On the contrary, they offer ample gaming and entertainment opportunity to the users. Looking at it growing popularity, new and innovative ideas have been developed […]


Motorola Droid RAZR,  Announced 2011, October, is no doubt a big competitor to Galaxy S2. While it run on Android OS v2.3.5 (Gingerbread), RAZR XT910 have to make some difference on its appearance to lead user not to focus on Android OS. RAZR XT910 VS Galaxy S2 Features CPU: XT910 uses 1.2 GHz TI OMAP4430; i9100 […]


These days, we have see Motorola take actions to extend their business in tablet market. The Xoom 2 is also believed to be unveiled soon.  At the same time, Moto also proceed their project on smartphone. There are rumors show that Motorola will release Droid 4 before the end of 2011. News shows Droid 4 have appeared […]


Thanksgiving Day is coming. There are many digital shopkeeper prepare for the “black Friday”. They delivered many Black Friday Ads or posters. One of the poster from Carphone Warehouse attracted many users. This poster show that Motorola will unveil Xoom2 on Christmas. The new Xoom is believed to have a 8.2 inch screen with a 16GB […]


The prosperous of Android Tablet makes many people thinks they are popular. However, the Q3 earnings announced by Motorola Mobility should surprises most investor. In their report, Motorola Mobility just shipped 100,000 Android Tablet Xoom last quarter. The volume is just the totally devices they shipped not sold. As a comparison, Apple announced it sold 11.1 million iPads during Q3, [&he


It seems Motorola have fade out of our focus, except the acquisition by Google recent days, because of its bad performance in nowadays high competitive mobile market. However, Motorola is still trying to gain their market back. Motorola Droid Bionic is one of the latest device announced by Motorola Company which is expecting to release on September of […]