Last year, we have introduced the iPhone5 knockoff Goophone i5. That product is very like the Gooapple I’ve introduced on this blog. Now, we are happy to see the Goophone 5S, an iPhone5S clone. This new product is sell for $149. It runs on Android 4.1.2. The white version has been sold out.  Goophone i5S uses […]


Apple’s iPhone is always a popular product from both consumers’ side and companies side. We have see so much Shanzhai (imitation iPhone4 in the market). The soPhone is one of these fake products. It look just like a iPhone4 but save you about $300. The hardware can not be compared with iPhone4. IT Geeg is […]


Android? iPhone? Still don’t know which one? A Chinese company have just thrown a third option into the mix. It’s called the Goo Apple.  Gooapple is a 3G smart phone looks exactly like iPhone4 but runs Android 2.2. From the name “Goo Apple”, we have learn that this cell phone is a big Shanzhai goods ( […]


Before Apple release iPhone5, there are Shanzhai companies can’t wait for it. Now, users are able to purchase this Shanzhai iPhone 5 with a unimaginable price of $50. The cheap price tells how cheap a iPhone can be. The Shanzhai iPhone 5 steal the Apple’s design. It also carry a Apple logo on its back. The […]