A laptop computer is a symbol of freedom. With the expansion of free WiFi service to just about every business in the United States, someone with a laptop and a wireless Internet connection is no longer tethered to a desk and an Internet access cable. The laptop user is free to take her computer wherever […]


ITGeeg is going to teach you how to make a basic dynamic Blackberry Theme to make your blackberry cool. Make sure you have installed these software before taking action: BlackBerry Themes Studio 5.0 BlackBerry Simulators Picture Editor software  ( Photoshop, Gimp, dll ) BlackBerry Theme Studio 5.0 Introduction BlackBerry Theme Studio is the key application […]


There are hundreds of BlackBerry themes for free online. Many BlackBerry users can find themes interested them. However, a self-created BlackBerry theme will guarantee  satisfaction and make your BlackBerry even more cool.  This post will tell you how to use BlackBerry Theme Studio build a customized themes for your own Blackberry. It’s not a very hard […]