Dropbox Automator: trigger actions when uploading files

DropBox is a easy cloud based storage of files. You can backup your files or share your files with this powerful tool. The 3.7designs agency even use Dropbox as a Project Management Tool. But I have wondering if the DropBox can do more? The new established software company Wappwolf launched a tool like IFTTT . The new tool is called Dropbox Automator.

What is Dropbox Automator?

When you uploading new files to Dropbox, the Dropbox Automator will trigger a series of actions based on files type. And files are also triggered based on which Dropbox folder it has been placed into.For example, you photos will be sent to Facebook. You can choose much more actions like email, zip, rename, save to another Dropbox or tweet.

How to use Dropbox Automator?

First, allow the Wappwolf app access to your Dropbox.

dropbox Automator

Then you will back to Dropbox Automator. All folders and your files on Dropbox will be listed. Select a folder or file, and click “More”. You can then choose different “automations” ( which is called “Recipes” in IFTTT). Dropbox Automator provides rich actions. For a documents, you can convert it to PDF or get Summary, etc.

Dropbox Automator actions

You can upload pictures to Flickr or Facebook. There are other additional effects can be used.

Dropbox Automator actions

Any file can be emailed, zipped, renamed, encrypted, tweeted, etc.

Dropbox Auto3

Dropbox Automator Tips

As the Dropbox will trigger actions based on file type and folder location, this makes it easier for us to trigger different actions. For example, we can set a picture folder just for Facebook or Flickr and another folder for TXT files. www.itgeeg.com

Dropbox provides up to 18GB free storage. It’s enough for save our daily files. And the Dropbox Automator makes it easy to manage files and share to network. Why not try this free resource.