EasyTether Pro v1.1.0: Surf the Internet via USB on Android

Have you ever worry about can not surf the Internet by Wi-Fi network with your Android cell phone? Or maybe your want to purchase a 3G card. Now we tell you another choice: EasyTether Pro, a useful tool to let you connect network via USB.

You can connect your cell phone with computer by EasyTether Pro. And then your Android phone can surf the internet via computer.

Installation and usage

1. Install EasyTethe v0.9.3 (). Then open the EasyTether. Get the “registration code” under “about” menu.

2. Uninstall v0.9.3 edition and then install the new EasyTether Pro v1.1.0. Then input the “registration code” from v0.9.3.


This app need to cooperate with a computer client. The client software support most OS include Windows XP/vista/7, Linux or Mac OS.

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