FMR Memory Cleaner: Free Up Android Memory

FMR Memory Cleaner is a free app for Android to clean up memory space. It works like re-start system. FMR Memory Cleaner will kill running apps when available memory is low. It’s very easy to clean up Android system memory. Just press 2 button and it will help you to manage your android phones.


1. Kill running apps
2. Kill services
3. Auto re-start system
4. Kill system services to get more memory
5. Back up memory and kill resident apps by press HOME key.

How to use:

1. Press the clean button and begin cleaning immediately.
2. After cleaning, kill unused services by task killer if using or kill it from process list (Android 2.1 and below).

FMR Memory Cleaner is not like other task killers. It clean up memory efficiency. Some apps will register services in Android OS. The FMR Memory Cleaner will find them and kill them.

Download FMR Memory Cleaner for free.