What is Instagram

What is Instagram? It’s not a quite simple question. We can’t get a clearly definition about Instagram. The Instagram is a iPhone app which let people share pictures with friends just like what you do on social network websites like Twitter or Facebook. No matter what instagram is. It is very popular now. You just need to know, you can share pictures to others.

Instagram (instagr.am)  is a iPhone App. It let iPhone user share pictures with others anywhere and anytime. Less than a week after Instagram released, it accumulated 100 thousand registered users.

The Instagram is a new generation Polaroid. In the past time, who have a Polaroid will gain much attention on. But the Polaroid is out of dated now for the highly developed Digital industry. However, the need of its function never fade out. And the rapidly increasing number of Instagram user is the result.  Instagram has now obtained more than millions iPhone user. You can find the iPhone client from here.

As I said, Instagram could be a social network. Instagram let users capture any scenery in their life and then apply different filters (Lomo/Nashville/Apollo/Poprocket and so on) on these pictures. User can share their pictures on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter and Flickr. Meanwhile, Instagram added many social network element. Users can build up his own network, reply to others, share, favorite and so on. These makes Instagram a significant service.

Instagram got many third-party applications include Mac client. It is making sharing pictures a lifestyle.

Get it for free here: http://instagr.am/