After few months since I started to develop iPhone Apps, I gathered many great tools and resources from the Internet. Now, I’d like to share these great sources for iPhone WebApp developers. Though iPhone App has its advantages, the trend is still the Web app. There are more and more WebApps now. WebApp is an […]

Three days after CrowdStar launched, the iPhone role-playing game “Top Girl” passed Angry Birds, becoming the top-grossing game in the Apple App Store quickly. It’s quite a surprise. What is Top Girl? Top Girl is a Burlingame ( role-playing game ) running on iPhone. It’s the first CrowdStar’s game for mobile devices. CrowdStar is the […]

Poynt is a free PlayBook & Blackberry Smart Phone application and available in Canada, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. It’s a location-based application, likes yellow page, which help you find businesses, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, gas prices (US only), events and weather information around you. Poynt uses GPS […

AppLock is a private security software on Android which lets users protect any applications with a password. There are most people don’t willing to share their SMS, Emails, Calendars or other things. We are eager for some private fields. It’s the reason why we need this android app. You can hold all applications you don’t […]

Instagram is one of my favorite iPhone Application. It’s a picture sharing tool. (Learn more about Instagram at What is Instagram) Instagram published its API this February and attracted many app developers developed many great third party Instagram apps. Here I’m glad to share with you some of them. Desktop third party Instagram apps 1. […]

What is Instagram? It’s not a quite simple question. We can’t get a clearly definition about Instagram. The Instagram is a iPhone app which let people share pictures with friends just like what you do on social network websites like Twitter or Facebook. No matter what instagram is. It is very popular now. You just need […]