Though the iPad 2 have just released no more than 4 month, there are many rumours on iPad release schedule. Now I’m happy to discuss 10 hot rumours with you. iPad 3 will release with iPhone 5 in autumn (possibility ★) It is unbelievable! DigiTimes reported that Taiwan’s suppliers are now producing components for iPhone5 […]

Though iPad have released just one year, iPad revenue have exceed mac in the last quarter. The Mac have existed more than 27 years. Apple sold 9,200,000 iPad in the last quarter. The revenue of iPad last is 6 billion dollars. While the Mac sales volume is 3,900,000. The revenue of Max is just 5.1 […]

Rumors on the next generation iPhone are flying like crazy these days.  But the iPhone5 release date is still unknown now. The latest one comes fromBGR, reporting that Apple will release a prepaid, low cost iPhone this summer and that device will be an iPhone 3GS. This news drives iPhone fans crazy. According to Apple staff […]

Nowadays, Google app store: Android Market published a report that Google Android Apps downloads have exceed 6,000,000,000 times. Android Market includes about 250,000 apps. There are still a big gap when compared to 500,000 apps & 15,000,000,000 downloads. However, there are data Android and Apple report, Android Apps downloads increased 3,000,000,000 times in the last […]

Big screen, keyboard, nice slim design, 3G chipset, camera… Will you guess it a new gadget from Blackberry or Nokia? But you are totally wrong. There are a bunch of low cost phones carry those modules that the Shanzhai ecosystem has been producing for months with increasing quality. As the software improves, Shanzhai gadgets can […]

With strong technology support, Windows Phone, developed by Microsoft, is regarded as the most promising mobile system besides Apple iOS and Google Android. But, in the competitive market, rich third-party applications plays the significant role. Since the release on October last year, Windows Phone 7’s app store, so called Windows Marketplace, has seen a rapid […]

In recent smart phone market, HTC is no doubt get high attention on. Except the most recently released smart cell phones, HTC Sensation is coming too. This message like a big bomb attracted many interest from customers. The new releasing HTC Sensation 4G is scheduled to be saled with T-Mobile contract in the United States […]

Rosetta Stone, one of the most popular maker of the popular software for learning a language, has just released an interactive app for the Apple iPad and iPad 2 called TOTALe Companion HD which allows users to access all of their Rosetta Stone training software. Using the new iPad app, users can log into their […]

Android is very new but widely known. While there are so many Apple fans, there are also many Android fans. Let go to see top 10 hottest searches related to Google Android. 1: Android Cell Phone Android cell phone is used to describe cell phones using android system. Now, cell phone using android OS is very […]