Business owners who have a presence on the Internet know that one of the two most important aspects in successful marketing is developing and expanding a relationship of trust with customers. Whether the enterprise is strictly in the ether world with an electronic storefront or if it extends into the real world with a brick-and-mortar […]

Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, will have little impact on the industrial PC market for at least three years, according to a new report on the global IPC market by IMS research. Senior IHS analyst, Toby Colquhoun expects Windows 8 adoption to follow the pattern set by previous Microsoft operating systems.  […]

If you work in any geometric field, then it’s important to have a geophysical instrument that provides accurate data processing, measurements and interpretations.Advanced geometric equipment from AGI has always been used by civil engineers and surveyors to understand the most about their surroundings. These instruments have been used in important mining exploration projects, groundwater

Repeat business is the soul of commerce, and building a strong relationship with the customer is the path to future sales. Customer relations management (CRM) was once a matter of dropping by a customer’s facility or trying to get the manager on the telephone. Today easier and more effective CSM channels exist in email and […]

Sandvine, a top provider of intelligent broadband network solutions, released a biannual Internet traffic trends report. In this report, Apple made up 45% of streaming video. This report is entitled “Global Internet Phenomena Report 1H2013”. The data are from Sandvine’s 200-plus service provider customers in all over of the world. These customers including North America, Europe, the [&

In order to compete with Game Center on iOS and Games Hub on Windows Phone, a Google-built alternative is being developed. For the past few weeks everyone has been sure that we were going to see some sort of Google Game Center for Android devices in the very near future, likely at Google I/O. The new service will be called […]

In the latest round of competition between Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile in the United States, Virgin has announced that it will offer existing T-Mobile customers a $100 incentive to switch carriers. This strategic move is said to have been a response to T-Mobile’s “no contract” service plan. Virgin stipulates that if T-Mobile customers change providers […]

The HTC One X+ is definitely a boost up from its predecessor, the One X that was released earlier this year. It pretty much looks the same but has quite a few modifications done to it making it a little better than the One X. Processor The processor of the HTC One X+ has a […]

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In February, we made a post on why 2013 is the year to get into affiliate marketing. However, any individual looking to get into affiliate marketing business should first know the importance of social media. Without going social, it’s quite difficult to actually gain success in this field. Here are few reasons why social media […]

Dell makes business-centric laptops, media-focused laptops, and even the everyday laptops. Further, few manufacturers provide the customization options that Dell provides. While each laptop – irrespective of the brand family – isn’t significantly different from the other, each upgrade does more, looks better, lasts longer, and performs better. That explains the range of products made [&h