iControlPad: Bluetooth smartphone gaming controller

Have you ever bothered with can’t playing complex games on your small iPhone? Now, we’ve found the perfect portable companion – the iControlPad. Using the iControlPad, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone with Bluetooth and turn it into a handheld game console.

The iControlPad is compatible with any device that uses Bluetooth, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and consoles. It functions as a mouse, keyboard, HID joypad. www.itgeeg.com

iControlPad Features

  • The smallest Bluetooth gaming control with rich function
  • Compatibility with iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S2, etc.
  • iCade fake more than 30 Apps Store games
  • Bluetooth connect with HID keyboard and joystick
  • Attached to smartphone with Universal Metal Clamp
  • Build-in 1360mAh rechargeable battery, charge smartphone via USB connector
  • Upgrade feasibility

It’s now sell for $75 on ThinkGeek.