Use Google Glass To Do It Yourself

google glass diyEach year, millions of Americans forgo professional installations and support in order to do it themselves. Cost plays a major role in the decision, but many DIYers find inspiration from the idea of having completed a job from scratch with their own two hands. In fact, Psychology Today reports that DIY can provide such a strong feeling of satisfaction that it becomes addictive. Whether you’ve yet to pick up a paint brush or whether you’ve renovated an entire mansion, how can you utilize the new Google Glass technology to assist your next home project?

Colors And Images

Sometimes, you just cannot find the right shade of teal or mauve or chartreuse. Though light-capture paint creation gives you thousands of options for interior decoration, finding the paint that looks perfect in its surroundings can be a headache for the perfectionist painter. Google Glass can help you by incorporating the Color Snap app, available for Android, when you look at a color of paint with the glasses on. Use either the Glass or the camera on your mobile to capture the color, then analyze it with the app. Search through minute differences in each shade until you come upon the one you want.

To Antique, Or Not To Antique

Suppose you come across a garage sale where a Victorian-era rolltop desk can be yours for a song. Before you start to think about whether to put it in the office or in the library, use your Glass to take a photo of the rolltop. NextWeb reports that with voice commands, customers will have the ability to access controls like music and pictures. Simply tell the Glass to pull up a photo of an authentic antique to compare it with the real thing. Verify the authenticity of any piece you’d like to include in your home without needing to call up an expert.

Hang ’em High

Just how much light and sound do energy-efficiency drapes block out? Prior to the invention of the Google Glass, you’d need a spectrometer to determine which drapes work best. Now, you can be sure that your recently purchased draperies from The Shade Store minimize a loud highway or a bright sun because a Glass measures the intensity of light and volume that comes through. As such, you can be sure you have picture-perfect aesthetic drapes as well as a functional light and sound dampener.

Make Space

Angles, distances, depth. Many times, getting the perfect look in a room comes down to geometry. Having to keep a level and tape measure on hand at all times can be frustrating, especially in the all-too common situation where you need another pair of hands to get the job done. The Daily Mail got a sneak peak at a Google Glass presentation where the user could tell the relative distance of objects from themselves and from their target. By broadcasting metrics directly to the eye, DIYers need not put down the hammer and nail in frustration when they have to find a measuring tool.