Android: How to Get Root Access with SuperOneClick

Z4Root, Universal Androot and SuperOneClick are the most popular tools for getting root access on Android.  And SuperOneClick get most positive reviews among these three software. IT Geeg now will teach you how to get root access with it.

1. NOTES before install SuperOneClick

  • Windows XP should install a Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+ before.
  • Set your android cell phone to USB debugging environment.
  • Install USB driver on your PC.
  • Uninstall SD card in setting.

2. Start hack your Android phone

Download and Install SuperOneClick. Then run the SuperOneClick and click “Root”. When there is a “Device is rooted” displayed on the screen, it means you have got the Root access on this Android system.


Background Knowledge:

1. What is downloading root access?

Root is a administrator account in Android. In order to avoid system damage, Google limited this root account to users.

2. Why should me get root access?

Root access allow users to edit android system. You can delete some default functions when you don’t need it at all. And some apps may need root access.

3. How to know whether you have the root access?

The easiest way it to install some root access needed apps, like Root Explorer, on your android phone. We suggest you install a Root Explorer as it is considered as the best file manager on Android.