How to get free extra 23GB Dropbox storage space with HTC Android phones

As the most popular cloud storage service, Dropbox only provides 2GB free online storage. Since we get more and more pictures, docs or videos want to share with our friends, the free storage space seems very small. However, if you own a HTC Android phone, you can easily enlarge your free Dropbox storage to 23GB.

You just need to install and download Dropbox on your HTC android phone and Dropbox will offer you free extra 23GB Dropbox storage space.

Steps to get free extra 23GB Dropbox storage space:

1. Register on Dropbox

2. Dowanload Dropbox for Android and install it on your phone.

3. Login on HTC phone. (NOTE: Please re-install the Dropbox for Android and login if you didn’t get free extra 23GB storage)

For those who uses non-HTC Android phones, you can download the edited Dropbox Android client. This app will fake your Android phone into HTC phone. Then you can follow the manual to get extra 23GB storage with your non-HTC phones.