How to install mobile monitoring software on Android phone?

Mobile monitoring software applications have become popular. They give users the ability to look into a person’s life by scrutinizing their mobile activities closely and minutely. Some people are reluctant to turn to mobile monitoring apps though, simply because they think the installation is a complex and incomprehensible process.

The fact however is that professionally developed mobile monitoring applications are quick and easy to install; at the same time they are quiet and effective and do their monitoring jobs to a nicety.

Steps to install mobile monitoring software on Android phones

Usually mobile monitoring apps such as Mobile Spy are developed to suit different versions of mobile operating systems and several mobile instrument models.

  • So, users who want mobile monitoring for their Androids first need to pick out the app that works with their instrument and OS version. They should also ideally ensure that the application they choose has features to satisfy all their requirements.
  • After buying the cell phone spy app, users are typically asked to register an account for themselves, using a unique username and password. This account is where the monitored mobile’s activity logs get stored. Users can easily sign into the account at any time they want from anywhere through a web browser and can view all the mobile related information that has been recorded.
  • Following account registration, users have to physically get hold of the mobile they want to monitor because the monitoring app has to be downloaded and installed on the device. This process usually takes only a very few minutes. Folks should note that though the mobile instrument need not be connected to a PC for the conclusion of this step, it should have internet access.
  • Subsequent to the installation, users are asked to make their choices on what data should be tracked. For instance, some people might need only the call and SMS logs whereas others might need the mobile’s GPS location, sites visited information, address book details, and more.
  • As soon as the users finish selecting the parameters, the app is technically ready and active. The primary advantage of a mobile monitoring app like Mobile Spy is its ability to unobtrusively stay active in the background.

Things that mobile monitoring apps can track after installation

The basic tracking is likely to include call logs, SMS text, e-mails, websites browsed and chat messages besides cell phone data such as contacts, video & audio files, photos, calendar tasks, to-do lists, and so on.

To help parents, some of the monitoring apps also have options to block or delete applications, restrict timings for instrument usage, listen to the calls and mobile environs, draw virtual physical boundaries, and so on.

For the benefit of those who want to protect their mobile device as well as data in case of loss, features like GPS location tracking, getting latest SIM card details, remote locking and data wipe off, live screen viewing and similar choices are available.

Mobile monitoring software can be installed and deployed on mobiles not only for monitoring third parties but also for self use as a means for data backup and protection from mobile theft.

This tutorial apply to Android 2.3 or Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, etc.

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