How to root Samsung Galaxy Note in one click

Rooting Galaxy Note can let you install rooted apps and brings you full control over your Galaxy Note smartphone. Now, let ITGeeg tell you how to root Samsung Galaxy Note in one click.

Preparation before rooting Galaxy Note

1. Set Screen timeout to 10 minutes.

2.Enable “Unknown sources”

3. Enable “USB debugging”

4. Connect your Galaxy Note to PC

Root Samsung Galaxy Note

1. Finish the preparation steps.

2. Double click “runme.bat” on PC. Press any key to continue.

3. Root started. Wait for about 4 minutes. ( Note: don’t do any operation on your phone. USB may disconnect and connect several times during the process)

4. Your smartphone will restart automatically after rooted. It will show “ALL DONE” on your PC window. Press any key to close this window.

5. No, your Galaxy Note is rooted. Now, you can install any apps which need root access.

Download one-click root software:

PLEASE NOTE: ITGeeg will not be held responsible for any loss of data as a result of the malfunctioning of your Samsung Galaxy Note. Follow instructions at your own risk!