How to Use Instagram

Instagram is a rapidly developed social network website based on iPhone app. Their unique services let common people share pictures to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. It has gain  much attention now. It’s simply designed to let user share their pictures with each other. Know more here.

It now just developed iPhone App. But Instagram for Android is believed to be developed quickly. Now follow us to learn how to use Instagram on iPhone.

The first step after installed Insragram App on iPhone is to click ‘Sign up’ to register an account.

There are few information needed to register an account on Instagram. They just need your name, Email, nickname and password. Surely, you can upload an avatar.

You will see a ‘Popular’ page after you logged in. You can see the most popular pictures on Instagram on this page.

In the bottom right corner, you can see a icon used to search contacts, friends on Facebook or Twitter.

I tried to search Twitter friend. Input twitter nickname and it will show you whether your twitter friend using Instagram.

Follow others and you will see their news in ‘Feed’ page.


Users can see who are following them in ‘News’ page.

Press ‘Share’ and then you can take pictures or upload pictures from iPhone gallery.

Here you will see the original picture.


This picture is the effect after selected ‘X-Pro II’.


It will save a copy in your iPhone and upload the finished picture to you Instagram account.

You can now share your state of mind in ‘What?’. Point out the place where you take this photo in ‘Where’. Press ‘Where?’ and you can select location by GPS. Or you can add your location manually.


In the ‘Feed’ page users will see their pictures just taken. You can ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ on pictures. Surely, you can click ‘Delete’ if you don’t want to put it online.

Pictures will sync to social network, like Twitter or Facebook, users checked.

Web page of Instagram will just display pictures. Comments and profile won’t show on it.

A strange thing of Instagram is that it doesn’t support web function. Any operation need to be done on a iPhone App. Website is just a place to scan pictures or edit account profile.