2011 Special: Top 3 Gadgets

There are some special ideas emerge every year. Some of these may not attract most people, but there are geek’s favorite. We selected Kindle Fire, Veer and Lumia 800 as 2011’s special top 3 gadgets. Let have a look at them.

Kindle Fire: services come first

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire has, no doubt, became the most worthy tablet except iPad2.

The tablet market is different from the 2010’s. People are more likely to use tablet reading e-books, watching video or listening music.

Amazon Kindle Fire uses a special method to enter this market. It focus on the services other than just improve hardware like most Android tablet do.

Though the iPad has became the benchmark for tablet, Kindle Fire is another Amazon “iPad”.

Kindle Fire suggested the ambitious of Amazon. They are going to integrate all Amazon services with this tablet. By providing powerful cloud services and controlling delivery channel, Amazon is going to grasp more users.

From Kindle, fire is born.

Veer: sexy smartphone

HP Veer

The webOS is undoubtedly a looser in 2011. But it doesn’t mean all smartphone from HP are all failed. The HP Veer is a charming product.

In contract with the bigger trends, Veer is a mini smartphone. You can put it into your pocket without feeling discomfort. With the small body, HP Veer can meet most of your daily needs. It’s not just a “mini” Palm Pre, but it’s a absolutely new product. www.itgeeg.com

The sliding function is enhanced on this product. The body is covered by a soft paint makes it a good touch experience. It’s no doubt a sexy smartphone.

Lumia 800: Great Windows Phone product

lumia 800

The release of Lumia is a milestone for Nokia. The new product is the hope for Nokia and Windows Phone. As Nokia’s strategy, N9, the geek’s favorite, is just available in limited country. This means Lumia 800 will take the responsibility to take over market share.

This Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone is faster than most former Windows Phone. Many users thinks it “Super Fast”. The 8.0 mega pixels camera is also a big selling point.

The colorful case suggest elegant design style.  The only shortage is that there are no many third-party apps for WP.