Dual Sim Android: Samsung Galaxy Y Duos or LG Optimus Net dual

A lot of Dual-SIM Android phones are being released from the brands such as LG, Samsung and HTC. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos  has gained significant attention off late and seem to be leading the market in the dual sim segment. However there is another promising phone from LG that has been around a while and deserves a look as well. Both phones come with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread pre-installed. With the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos price being Rs 8099 and LG Optimus Net Dual at Rs 8790, most users maybe in favour of purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Y duos. However, is the decision justified? This post compares the two dual sim androids to decide which a better choice is for you.

Dual Sim capability and 3G

As the main motto of this article, both the phones have Dual SIM option and both do support dual standby but, the Galaxy Y Duos can keep both the SIM cards on 3G mode. Only one of the 2 SIM cards in the LG Optimus Net Dual can stay in 3G mode, forcing the other one in 2 G modes.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Y Duos


The LG Optimus Net has an autofocus camera which allows you to change the focus according to our needs and the pictures turn out to be sharp. It also has better video recording than the Galaxy Y Duos with a video resolution of 640×480 pixels (VGA) whereas, the Galaxy Y Duos is limited to QVGA 320×240 pixels @24 fps. Neither of the phones has a front facing camera for video calling or video chatting. On the whole, the LG Optimus Net Dual has a better camera than the Galaxy Y Duos.

Winner: LG Optimus Net Dual

LG Optimus Net Dual Has Sharper Screen

Both the smartphones have the same sized 3.2-inch touchscreen displays but, the LG smartphone has a better display with a resolution of 320×480 HVGA and a pixel density of 180 ppi. On the other hand, Galaxy Y Duos has a screen resolution of 320×240 pixels making it a pixel density of 127 ppi. You get 2-point capacitive multi-touch in both the phones so that you can use the multi touch for pinch to zoom and host of other things such as better typing using on screen keyboard.

Overall, the screen on the LG Optimus Net Dual has an edge due to higher screen resolution and pixel density.

Winner: LG Optimus Net Dual

Operation Experience

At first look, the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos may seem to have a faster processor which is clocked at 832 MHz compared to the 800 MHz processor in LG Optimus Net Dual. But in reality, the processor of Galaxy Y Duos is slower due to its older architecture. On the other hand, LG Optimus Dual has a faster CPU and a dedicated Qualcomm Adreno 200 GPU which makes gaming smoother.

Both the phones have 512 MB of ROM dedicated for the operating system but the LG Optimus Net Dual feels smoother because of 512 MB of RAM compared to a mere 290 MB of RAM in the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. It also also leads to smoother multi-tasking.

On the storage front, both smartphones ship with an option to expand the storage using micro SD cards. They both include 2 GB micro SD card in the package to store your media files such as photos, videos, music and apps. The storage can be expanded in both the phones up to 32 GB using a micro SD card.

Winner: LG Optimus Net Dual


Both the smartphones have micro USB port for charging and data syncing. The Bluetooth 3.0 can be used to transfer files and connect to various Bluetooth accessories. The Wi-Fi hotspot feature is very useful as you can turn your phone into a wireless access point and share its Internet with other Wi-Fi enabled devices in the range. But the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos has faster wireless data transfer with Wi-Fi n and this makes it a bit better than the LG Optimus Net Dual.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

Battery Life

In spite of the LG Optimus Net Dual incorporating a bigger 1500 mAh battery, the Galaxy Y Duos runs longer with its 1300 mAh battery because, the higher resolution screen on LG Optimus Net Dual sips more power.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Y Duos


Overall, the LG Optimus Net Dual is better in most of the cases with brownie points for better camera and smoother user experience. Although you need a little more on the LG Optimus, you get a better device compared to the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos.