Nokia Asha210 Hands on: When Cell Phone Equipped with Smartphone Battery

Except the new Lumia, most sold Nokia phones are those cell phones like Asha. Asha 210 is a new low end cell phone. It inherited  Nokia’s good quality and QWERTY keyboard. It also have strong support to social network function. The most important factor is that this new product only sells for $72, which is really a very exciting price.

Asha210 hands on

 When you see the Asha 210, you will familiar with the style. You may thinks it carry over from Lumia. Its colors are very like Lumia’s. Except the QWERTY keyboard, you can also see the navigation key, menu key and social network key. Nokia said the social network key will guide users to WhatsApp. But it may turns to Facebook in European and United States. Asha 210 installed with Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook.


Regarding hardware, it is not so powerful as a smartphone. It uses a 2.4 inch 320 x 240 pixels screen. A 1GHz CPU and 64MB RAM. It don’t support 3G network. But it can use WiFi network and 2G network. The camera is only 2.0 Mega pixels resolution. But for this price, it is enough.

When we comes to the software, you may fell uncomfortable  if you are adapted to smartphones. It takes 1 to 2 seconds to open social network apps after you pressed the key. However, Nokia still have much time to improve it since the Asha210 is going to shipping start from the end of Q2.

Because of a smartphone battery installed, Asha210 is announced to have 12 hours call time and 46 days  stand-by time. This is really a long time.

Though the Asha 210 is a low end cell phone, it has really good quality as Nokia always committed. It don’t have 3G feature. But it is really a choice for business or a backup when your smartphone lost power.