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BlackBerry has lost most market. After years struggling on it’s BlackBerry 10 OS, it is still a joke and never helped RIM. However, BlackBerry is far from dead. Recently released BlackBerry Priv has shocked the market. Actually, BlackBerry moved all BlackBerry 10 advantages to an Android phone. It has many amazing feature. Battery Endurance Almost every user will keep […]

This year, we’ve have already seen a massive selection of power-packed and impressive smartphones. From the likes of Galaxy S6 to LG G4, the product range in high-end market is getting better than ever. But, if you’re planning on buying a perfect phone which offers all essential features inside one package, you will have to […]

Although most of us don’t use our Blackberry phones for purposes other than purely professional, there are wonderful games in the Blackberry world that lets you unwind. Just because we hardly ever play games on our Blackberry smartphone doesn’t mean there is a dearth of interesting games in the Blackberry App world. Though Blackberry is […]

Research in Motion (RIM) has been floundering in recent months due to a lack of truly modern mobile phones in its BlackBerry range. However, an alpha build of a brand new model has been explored by TechRadar, revealing plenty of information about RIM`s as yet unannounced flagship handset. Unsurprisingly the new phone runs the BB10 […]

Smartphones are the rage these days. With increasing sales, increasing number of manufactures and increasing number of platforms the smart-phone has become the buzz word among tech enthusiasts as well as layman. Smartphones are now available on multiple OS platforms such as Google’s mobile OS Android coming from various houses including Samsung, Motorola and HTC, […]

I once bought a Blackberry 8830 smart phone with Verizon contract in American. As I need to use it in China with China Mobile SIM card, there get some problems. The most terrible problem is that I need to unlock my blackberry phone. I know many blackberry users have the same problem puzzled them. But there are […]

The Android and iPhone are no doubt the most popular smartphone. There are many articles have make a comparison between them. But we’ll tell you the comparison between iPhone and Blackberry, the former most popular smartphone. We will tell you 10 advantages and 5 shortcomings. BlackBerry advantages 1. Security Blackberry is safety. There are even no […]

Feel boring with the default themes on your BlackBerry? Don’t worry. Check these top 10 free BlackBerry themes websites and you should get what you want. call itself the #1 blackberry forum. Their free bb themes are quite good, though quantity is limited.  You should find your dream blackberry themes from here. Go […]

Blackberry 99xx have a 768MB storage. It seems big enough for most users. However, to low down storage usage by close some useless services can extend battery life. It can also makes other apps run faster. BlackBerry OS 7 system optimization will makes your bb 99xx more practical. NOTE: PLEASE BACKUP YOU FILES BEFORE OPTIMIZATION […]