Do you lose your third-grade class during photosynthesis? Do eyes glaze over in the middle of AP chemistry? Don’t fret: There’s still hope for the next generation of America. The solution to scientific apathy is to give them a dose of the real thing through real-life scientists and engineers. Inviting Curiosity By enlisting actual experts […]

Open source projects play a important role in software market nowadays. Mostly open projects are created for non-profit purpose. But, any developers behind an open source project need to survive their life. For this reason, open source project can easily be inactive for many reasons. How to continue your open source project? The solution is […]

Engineers Gleb Polyakove and Igor Zamlinsky developed a new commercial-quality PID controlled espresso machine. This new project raised more than $369,000 on KickStarter, which exceeds 16 times money what their supposed to raise. How could this Espresso Machine so popular? There are basically two kinds of home espresso machines on the market today.  But both of them have some shortage.

Google’s App Inventor Android App is a easy solution to develop a Android App by just drag module to apps. For those who are willing to try to DIY a simple Android app or iOS app, there are many other choices other than Google App Inventor. IT Geeg is here to introduce 5 easy app developing […]

There are large numbers of tutorials on telling you how to install a Mac on a PC. However, some of these manual book can not work because of the different hardware. And the problems are always caused by hardware drivers. Surely, you can install a unlocked Mac OS. But your better idea is to download […]

Official Website The official documents are always the best documents to learn something. You will get the most  authoritative explanation in it. This situation is also true to iPhone developer. The iPhone develop official site is here: It’s better to view in a Safari browser. Though you have find the official documents, it’s better to learn [

After few months since I started to develop iPhone Apps, I gathered many great tools and resources from the Internet. Now, I’d like to share these great sources for iPhone WebApp developers. Though iPhone App has its advantages, the trend is still the Web app. There are more and more WebApps now. WebApp is an […]

Imagine you just know using flash but you developed a iPhone app rank #1 in Apple App Store. It can be truth.  The iPhone App developers get the authorize to develop apps with any tool as Apple relaxed restrictions on iPhone app developing tools. (Reference: It’s a real exciting news for flash developers. They are […]

There are many people and companies make iPhone apps and earn upwards of thousands of dollars a day. With the quickly increasing iPhone App Store market, it’s easy to make money if you have the right idea. It’s not so difficult to develop a simple little app and earn money. Actually, there are successful iPhone […]

Rosetta Stone, one of the most popular maker of the popular software for learning a language, has just released an interactive app for the Apple iPad and iPad 2 called TOTALe Companion HD which allows users to access all of their Rosetta Stone training software. Using the new iPad app, users can log into their […]