Cocoon Pillow is designed for kids. It will shield your kids from polluted air and noise. It’s should be a great idea for those who lives under a noisy environment. Cocoon uses new state-of-the-art noise-canceling technology to ensure your kids sleeping in quiet. This kids pillow also uses a soft material in a . It also have a […]

Are you used to write down your notes on paper and then attach it to wall or refrigerator? It is absolutely a waste of paper. Why not try the new electronic product: Record me? Product designer Luc van Hoeckel come up with a good idea to replace the paper notes: the Record me which can be […]

This Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse package is a fantasy product with fresh design. The project is released on the  Kickstarter. The Keyboard & Mouse package is made of glass. This makes it work of art. How cool it will be if you place this great keyboard on your desk. There are many people left their comments on […]