SAM is a jailbreak app that allows iPhone users to unlock their iPhone so that they can activate and use a non-stock SIM card which is not supported by your existing carrier.  Since the release of the new SAM, Apple is trying to fix the activation server bug which SAM uses to get the activation […]

SAM is a tool for unlock iPhone to let you use a new SIM card. Sam Bingner updated the iPhone jailbreak app: SAM these days. The new SAM tool simplified the unlock process. Let learn how to unlock iPhone with new SAM tool. 1. Add the source “” in Cydia. Download and install the new SAM tool […]

The Chronic Dev Team’s tool: Absinthe is a simple solution for jailbreak iPhone 4S/iPad 2. It’s much easier than redSnow. Now, let’s talk about how to use Absinthe to jailbreak your iPhone 4S/iPad 2 on Windows. ( This tutorial is based on Absinthe 0.4. ) 1. Download Absinthe for Windows 2. Extract Absinthe software 3. […]

I once bought a Blackberry 8830 smart phone with Verizon contract in American. As I need to use it in China with China Mobile SIM card, there get some problems. The most terrible problem is that I need to unlock my blackberry phone. I know many blackberry users have the same problem puzzled them. But there are […]

Since some mobile carriers provide cheap with contract cell phones, they should take actions to ensure their users use their services. There are some of mobile carrier in Nort America will lock digital devices to their services. This will keep users from changing SIM card and ensure carriers’ profit. There is also an app lock […]

Comex released JailbreakMe fix package to solve the Verizon iPhone can’t boot problem. The Verizon iPhone will display a white apple when updated JailbreaMe before install this fix package. If your jailbreak iPhone can not start up or display a white apple, you can try these two solutions. 1. Press Home button and Power button […]

Playing games on iPad is not a cool thing since I updated iPad OS to iPad 4.2. However, iPad 4.3.1 added many quite great gesture functions makes me very excited. And I intend to use it. However, this OS is just authorized to iPad2. So I tried Google to find solutions to unlock it and […]