In this gadget loving generation, phones are not just to make calls.  If you own a smartphone, you’ll want your phone to do much more like tweeting, checking directions etc. Your smartphone can do all of these alright but with the launch of Windows OS, everything is being done at the lightning speed. The Windows […]

Lumia 900 is the 3rd Windows Phone smartphone from Nokia. Analysis thinks this product will help Nokia improve their market perform in North America.  The Lumia 900 is said to release only in United States. But I still want to introduce this product to all of you. Apperance The Lumia 900 is a “bigger Lumia 800”. […]

There are some special ideas emerge every year. Some of these may not attract most people, but there are geek’s favorite. We selected Kindle Fire, Veer and Lumia 800 as 2011’s special top 3 gadgets. Let have a look at them. Kindle Fire: services come first Kindle Fire has, no doubt, became the most worthy tablet except iPad2. […]

Soon after Nokia unveiled Windows Phone Lumia, AT&T announced that they will release two Windows Phone based Samsung smartphone. The one is Samsung Focus S. This is a powerful and beautiful phone. Lets have a hands-on review about it. Front view Samsung Focus S uses a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus touch screen. It have […]

Stephen Chapman, an analyst from ZDNet, suggested that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will use the same OS core based on a research about Microsoft’s position recruitment and staff resumes. The former Project Manager’s resume shows that the big change will occur on Apollo other than Tango. It will bring significant differences on Windows Phone […]

With strong technology support, Windows Phone, developed by Microsoft, is regarded as the most promising mobile system besides Apple iOS and Google Android. But, in the competitive market, rich third-party applications plays the significant role. Since the release on October last year, Windows Phone 7’s app store, so called Windows Marketplace, has seen a rapid […]