Android ROM: KRAKD

KRAKD ROM is a great Android ROM except for revolution HD, prime or revolver. Though KRAKD is a very new Android ROM, it is fast updated. The KRAKD support Tegra2 Graphics hardware acceleration. The system is optimized. There is a  “revolver parts” liked “Upd8r” parts. Users can install or remove apps in “Upd8r”. Now, let’s have a look at KRAKD V1.3.1 performance.

Test ROM: KRAKD V1.3.1(

Bench Phone: ASUS Eeepad TF101 B70KAS


KRAKD V1.3.1 makes many improvement of the system. It deleted most useless apps and services to make the system more efficiently. It just remain few Google apps and Android Market. Users are free to install apps they want.

Grades: ★★★★

WIFI signal

WiFi signal is stable. You won’t see any connection error during browsing Internet.

Grades: ★★★★★

Power consumption

KRAKD V1.3.1 don’t do well on power consumption. It user 5-10% more power than the default system. But the Auto Battery-Calibration Script can benefit a little. Above all, the power consumption is still acceptable.

Grades: ★★★★

Apps optimization

Enter the system/app folder, you will see the KRAKD ROM did many improvement on build-in apps. It can increase the performance. You can see my ASUS ranks #1 in the performance test.

Grades: ★★★★

Overclocking Test

KRAKD V1.3.1 added a OC apps. OC up to 1.68 GHz. But I don’t recommend you to use this function. It will do harm to your Android phone’s hardware.

Grades: ★★★★★

ITGeeg thinks the KRAKD is better than the prime ROM.

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