Applock Review

AppLock is a private security software on Android which lets users protect any applications with a password.

There are most people don’t willing to share their SMS, Emails, Calendars or other things. We are eager for some private fields. It’s the reason why we need this android app. You can hold all applications you don’t want any people view by put it into your AppLock list. Anytime you are going to open these applications, the former setted password is needed. Now you don’t need to worry about losing private informaiton.

You can download AppLock for free here. The free edition contains accptable advertise. Be sure your Android is 1.6 upper.

Main Functions & Features:

1.Lock apps by edit them in “App list” page

2.Change theme in “setting” page.

3.Set “password tip” in ‘Setting’ page

4. Enable or disable icon on notification bar in “setting” page

5.Can select Unlock Time on the password entering interface.

6.Enable or disable lock service in “setting” page

7. Display the app which was clicked in main interface.

8. Unlock apps in main interface.

9. Set unlocked time: when you typed the correct password, the app which was clicked will be unlocked in this setting time.

10. Lock the app immediately by Recover Lock

Notices & Problems:

1. It’s a bit slow as some users commented. There show the problem of waiting for a moment to open the apps after entering password.

2. There is a issue that one user couldn’t open “message” after lock on hTC Desire HD 2.2.

3. A user complained the app-lock ‘Theme’ and ‘Setting the App-Lock’needs improvement.

Download AppLocl from Android Market here. If you don’t want to install it from android market, you can try download it from App Brain here.