Top 10 Third Party Instagram Apps

Instagram is one of my favorite iPhone Application. It’s a picture sharing tool. (Learn more about Instagram at What is Instagram) Instagram published its API this February and attracted many app developers developed many great third party Instagram apps. Here I’m glad to share with you some of them.

Desktop third party Instagram apps

1. InstaDesk

InstaDesk is a desktop client for Mac OS. The left side shows Instagram account and news from friends. The right side show you the thumbnails. It support Comments, Share to Facebook and Twitter.

Download Address is:

iOS third party Instagram apps client

1. Instagallery


Instagallery is a client used on iPhone or iPad. Users can view pictures in a slideshow effect. It cost $1.99.

Download Address is:

2. InstARgram


InstARgram shows Instagram photos taken near you with AR. It let users take a peek at your surroundings from a different point of view.

Download Address is:

6 Great Instagram Web Apps

1. Inkstagram


All of the social functionality of Instagram in a beautifully designed interface on the Web. Add comments, “like” photos and follow friends, all in your browser.

See it here:

2. is a Socialprintshop (A company specialized on providing picture printing services by using API. They also offer Twitter and Facebook picture printing services. )service. let you print pictures you shared on Instagram. And you can make them to paster.


Website address:

3. show you all your Instagram pictures using Grid or List layout. You just need to input your Instagram account.


Website address:

4. Artsticker

ArtFlakes is a website focused on online printing. They have designed services for Instagram and Picplz. Just input your account name and you can select what you want to print. The similar services are Instaprint, Instagoodies, Inkagram.


Website address:

5. Instabam

Instabam is a geographic location based picture viewing service. When you open their website, it will auto select pictures which are  taken around your location. You can set area limits in order to see more or less pictures. Similar third party app is


Website address:

6. Snapfinch

Snapfinch is a image search engine. People can find pictures from Instagram, PicPlz, Steply, Burstn and Snapr. You can also connect to these site in order to see your friends’ photo.


Website address:

7. Instakitty

This interesting website gather all pictures about cat on the Instagram. If you are a cat lover, this may be a good idea. There is another dog lovers’ choice: InstaPuppy


Website address: