Track Stocks on Your iPhone

The stock market is an ever-changing thing, so it can be tough to always be on top of the latest news. But, like every other technology out there, there is a constant stream of new smartphone applications that are built for that very reason. Better yet, these phone apps can do more than just track a few stock prices for you, they can pretty much give you access to every single little thing you have ever wanted to know about anything even related to a stock, its price and the latest trends in the stock market. Like every other niche market out there, there is pretty much a phone app for anything you can think of.

Stock Guru for the iPhone and iPad

The strength of this phone app lies in its ability to help you analyze the value of any given stock, at any given time. In turn, the analysis provided through Stock Guru, can aid you in deciding whether or not you should consider buying or selling the stocks you are looking at. The app analyzes the stocks through thorough guidelines, which range from the risk involved with the stock, the valuation of the stock at that time, projections of the valuation into the future based on expert opinions, the financial strength of the stock, the history of the stock and the general direction of the momentum the stock has built through its recent history. Stock Guru contains all this information for more than 6,700 stocks in all of the major markets, which include NASDAQ, AMEX, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE.)


This phone and iPad app features many of the same things as the Stock Guru app, but is geared towards people who already own stock. While Stock Guru provides information to help you judge whether or not you should buy or sell a certain stock, StockWatch is made for people who already own stock and are not really looking to buy anymore, but rather ride out the market with what they have. This app was listed as one of the best apps of the year in 2010 by Apple. With this app, you can download all of your portfolio information, and then the app will track everything there is to know about the stocks contained within the portfolio. But, what really sets this app apart from the others is the easy-to-navigate interface, which makes it a breeze to use.

 iChartist Stock, Forex and Futures Charts

This phone app is a beefy one, and is not meant for the mere dabbler, but rather it is made for the serious trader. What makes this phone app so different is that it contains a bunch of technical information that only the seasoned stock professionals know how to translate into understandable language. The analysis provided through iChartist, Forex and Futures Charts comes via the Average True Range ratings of a stock, the Bollinger Bands associated with the stock, the Exponential Moving Averages of the stock and the Momentum range, just to name a few. If you do not already know what all the technical mumbo jumbo means, then this is not the phone app for you. .

Stock Touch

This app is perfect for the stock market beginner. Not only is the user interface a beauty to behold, it is also very simple to manage and easy to learn within minutes. This app does not go into all the technical information on stocks and the market, but rather provides the data that most people dipping their toes into the market can understand. Along with stock analyzation information, this app also offers news articles related to whatever stock you are searching for or own, as well as forecasting information that can give you a basic sense of the momentum of the stock in question. The design is very visual based, rather than based on heavy text, so you can get information that is quick and very easy to understand. The only drawback is that the stock information is not updated in real-time, rather it is updated in five minute intervals. But, if that does not bother you, then this app is worth a try- especially for its $4.99 price tag, which is fairly minimal compared to many of the stock apps mentioned above.