Canon G5 X 6

Compared to professional SLR camera or smartphone, compact camera have no much advantage. But there are still a small group users willing to pay for a balance between image quality, portable and price. Recent release Canno PowerShot G9 X, G5 X and EOS M10 are targeting this customers. The most exciting camera should be G5X. […]

Rumors of a high megapixel DSLR from Canon have really been heating up after 2012 Photokina meeting. The most recently news showed Canon is developing a high megapixel Full Frame camera and its model will be unveiled in Oct. Nikon D800 is very popular for its 36MP resolution sensor. But the new Canon EOS 3D rumored to weigh […]

If you are a photography lover, you should have many cameras or camera lens. But you should never seen a greate idea like this one: the Crystal DSLR Camera Canon EOS 7D. This camera couldn’t let you take good pictures but it will never let you down. This is a Canon EOS 7D camera model made by crystal. […]

On the IFA2012, Sony release their new generation Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera: NEX-5R. Appearance of the new generation don’t has much difference when compared to the old NEX. The new one will have three color editions: black, white and gray . Specs: 16.1 MPx APS-C CMOS Exmor sensor New Bionz image processing engine ISO 100-25600 Support PASM […]

A mirrorless camera does not have an optical view finder that is mirror based. This makes for better, sharper pictures and smaller cameras. Cameras have seen huge progress from the initial offerings by Panasonic and Olympus. And although these mirrorless cameras are expensive and lenses aren’t easily available, hopefully in time we will see more […]

Have you ever think you will purchase a black and white camera while any electronic device is turning colorful? Leica have made a revolution to the camera industry now. In the recently release Leica cameras, we see a black and white camera which is called M- Monochrom. This new camera also don’t support video recording function. You may ask […]

In 1994, Apple produced the first Consumer Grade digital camera: QuickTake. This 30W pixels & 1MB RAM camera became the first digital camera for many common people. There are more and more people using Apple products, like iPad, iPhone or Mac. This is because we like Apple’s design. The Apple design has become the trends. How […]

After a long time SB-900 released, Nikon upgraded it to SB-910, a more powerful speedlight. The major improvement of SB-910 focus on operation. And it also improved over-heat protection function. By monitor flashlamp and body temperature, the SB-910 will down the current to avoid shutdown. Besides, SB-910 have 3 flash model which are standard model, […]

With the specification upgrade of mobile devices, people are more likely to take photo with their smartphone. Apple iPhone is the most popular camera replacement. Data from Flickr have proved these phenomenon. Now let ITGeeg take a comparison between iPhone 4S and Canon 5d MKII. First, we do some basic setting to make the comparison more […]

Panasonic GF2 and GF3 makes many GF1 users disappointed. But we have see Panasonic is going to unveil a  new professional M4/3 camera. We have see some leaked GX1 pictures online. There are rumors say that the new Panasonic GX1 uses a 800×600 electronic viewfinder, 3 inch led touch screen and support 60 frame HD recording. […]