Gooapple: Shanzhai Android + iPhone

Android? iPhone? Still don’t know which one? A Chinese company have just thrown a third option into the mix. It’s called the Goo Apple.  Gooapple is a 3G smart phone looks exactly like iPhone4 but runs Android 2.2.

From the name “Goo Apple”, we have learn that this cell phone is a big Shanzhai goods ( a fake device).  Shanzhai literally means in Chinese mountain stronghold. It’s a reference to historical warlord-hideouts that existed outside government control.  The GooApple is also some degree outside the control  of IP law.

It used a logo which is also a combine of Android and Apple.

We can learn from their official website: that Gooapple 3G is a 9.3 mm thickness stainless steel frame device. It used tempered glasses in both front & back side. Just like a iPhone4.

It runs on Android 2.2, but has been heavily modified to look just like a typical iPhone OS. Common users may overlook it as a iPhone4 if there is no logo difference.

This Shanzhai Gadget is now selling at a price of about 200 U.S. dollars. Watch video of Gooapple on Youtube.