Ademero Document Management Software Review

This post brought to you by Ademero. All opinions are 100% mine.

Document management is critical aspect of any organization that wishes to get itself organized. Most business have the need to keep their record of documents. Ademero Document Management Software is a solution to avoid losing important papers. It is not only easy to use but it can also be a lifesaver when other resources of keeping documents safe fail.


I’ve used a Document Management Systems for a while. The best document management software I have used is of Ademero, a company based in Central Florida, USA. The company provides various services like hosted document management, document imaging, and related professional services. The Ademero produces a browser based document management platform called Content Central. Today, I’m goint to share my experience of this greate content management system.

The Ademero document management system is great for giving organizations easy and quick access to information. Their products are contains in one large application called Content Central. Content Central is comprised of many different components that easily help any size business manage their documents. Everything from document capturing the approval processing is availaing within Ademero’s application.


All of your documents electronic file capture and scanning needs are taken care of by the Ademero Document Management Software. The process has actually been made as easy as making a copy. Using a previously existing scanner or copier, once the document is uploaded it will then be directly routed into your repository with the Document Management Software. The direct scan feature will scan documents directly to your web browser allowing you to capture documents off site.

As mentioned, the Content Central application is comprised of various components to help create, and manage documents for your business. The components include the following:

There are many benefits of this browser-based application like quick deployment, remote connectivity and controlled access to it. To start with it administrators of the company need to install Content Central on Microsoft Windows server (it can be installed on one server or many depends on the performance need of the user). After that they can setup user accounts for their employees who can connect access files on this server from any web browser available on Windows, Linux or Mac computers in the network.

There are many more qualities in this software than mentioned above and the best I can say is to give it a try and see if it suits your needs or the needs of your organization.

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